Pet Memorials


All that exists in this world is finite, all things of earth must pass away.
It is in the remembering that we are ultimately led to healing and a grateful heart.
Acknowledging and thanking the Creator for the time spent together as
the family of creation.


My dearest Sangsaw~

From the first day I met you, I knew we had a special bond. You just looked through my eyes, and deep into my heart.

Thank you for everything- the laughter, the joy, the healing, the comfort, the long, beautiful rides, and for your pure love and dedication.

You are such a beautiful and amazing creature!!! Your heart is immensely generous and full of love and life.

My Sangsaw, I will miss you terribly while I am still here on earth. A piece of my heart went with you heaven, so I am a little broken for now. But I am so wonderfully grateful for all your love, the important lessons you taught me, and for all your hoofprints you engraved on my heart.

You are my horse, I am your rider: Together we showed the world the beautiful gift of friendship and bond our Lord and Creator blessed us with.

Please greet me, my Sangsaw, the moment when I return home. I want to gallop with you through heaven’s pastures, singing praises to our King!

I love you Sangsaw.

~Sarah S.~


Sugar, was a rescue dog from an abusive home that came to a loving family at about 4 years old in the year of 2004. That day the dog came into the lives of a loving family, and in return a silent thank you was given by the unconditional love she gave back. Her new loving family named her Sugar and from then on she was a part of our family.

Sugar was a tough dog and survived health issues from neglection of her precious owner, including a broken rib, but by the grace of God and lots prayers, she survived.

Sugar’s new life was full of joy both in giving and in receiving. She brought us many smiles with her overly affectionate personality. She had to always be next to someone and she could sense family members coming home from over 300 yards away. She would quickly run to the door to give them her warm greetings.

One day, Sugar was suffering and started to slip away. Prayers were offered up to God to take her because she was suffering so much. And then soon after the prayers were answered.

Around midnight the family gathered around and Sugar breathed her last breath. We lost part of the family that night, a family member for over 10 years. She will be missed but as we know God loved this little dog more than we could ever love her. He created her, and she is good. This dog in particular was like an angel that helped us through some hard times.

Thank you God for Sugar and for the joy she brought to the lives of our family. Thank you God for choosing our family to be a part of her life.

~Mary G.~


Bijoux, you blessed me with so much joy and love for nearly 18 years. My heart is heavy and I cry every day for you. You are missed so much but I know you’re in heaven with God. I will love you forever for the rest of my days on earth and beyond in heaven. God loves you my love. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. You are proof that God is so good and he really is our Creator.

~Mary Grace S.~


I remember Jake, my beloved Congo African Grey parrot who died Jan 10, 2013. I never knew I could love a bird so much. He brought so much joy into my life and I will miss him forever.

~Debbie M.~


Please pray for our beloved dog Pitty, who died suddenly at 12:03 a.m., December 28th 2012. She was a good girl who took care of us and our 8 children. She is pictured here waiting for all of the children to wake up.

~Liz G.~


In loving memory of my friends Rev. Rob & Rev. Barbara’s beloved dog Babe. May you run wild and free Babe!

~Susana E.


We lost our sweet Duchess to a blood disease. She was only 9. She was a very special girl. She was with me through some very sad days and some hard times. She was always there giving me support and love. She became ill on September 23, 2012 (the feast of Padre Pio). We took her to the University of Penn and were not sure if she would survive the night. I prayed desperately to God and for the intercession of St. Joseph, St. Jude and especially Padre Pio since it was his feast day that we would not loose her. I wasn’t ready to let her go yet. I wanted her to know just how much she was loved. My prayers were answered and by a miracle, she made it through until February 10, 2012. She was with me for my birthday and through Christmas and New Years. I know that God gave us a very special gift. Even now I am crying writing this memorial. We did everything humanly possible to make her as comfortable as possible and to help her, but in the end, it’s God’s will. I know she is with him now waiting for us. I will always miss her.

~Judy K.


Oliver, a handsome orange Holland Lop rabbit was rescued off the streets this past summer by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton and the Dayton Area Rabbit Network; he and two other domestic rabbits had been hanging around together.

Unfortunately, during the rescue, one bunny bolted in front of a car and was killed. Ollie and the second bunny went to the HSGD; I decided to foster Oliver (hahahaha – that lasted about 2 days before I realized I was never giving him back).

Oliver had dental problems- big dental problems – that were hindering his ability to chew; he needed surgery. I became an expert in cutting carrots into toothpicks; at one visit Oliver apparently came to the clinic with a carrot toothpick in his mouth and shoved it into the doctor’s examining instrument with his tongue! As weeks passed, however, his appetite fell off until he was only taking yogurt mixed with Critical Care, but he maintained his weight. At Christmas, while he could not chew on the toy I had gotten him, he would run the sisal rope tassel through his mouth; it looked for all the world as though he were flossing his teeth. Santa also brought him another container of his beloved Strawberry-Banana yogurt drops.

His appetite had worsened; he was no longer enthusiastic about the yogurt drops nor his Lemon Burst yogurt. The veterinarian said it was time to act, so one night after Christmas, Oliver and I sat for a half hour while I rubbed his ears and head as he purred (yes, rabbits can purr).

I dropped him off for his surgery at 8 A.M., with some more pets and yogurt drops. The doctor called me at 10:30, and it was not good news. With my OK she was going to continue the procedure but wanted to give me the heads up that it was more critical than we had imagined; the jaw would need to be “pinned” (screws put in, jaw wired) and there was a definite possibility that euthanasia would be the kindest option.

I work outdoors. I cried quietly all the way back to my car. I prayed. I told God that I knew that this was His creation, and that Ollie was only on loan to me. I said I surely wanted to be able to continue to enjoy Oliver’s company here on earth, but that I was putting him back in his Creator’s hands. I said I wanted Oliver to have a good quality of life and not to be in even more pain; I asked for His clear-cut guidance if I had to make a decision. Corny as it may sound, once I “gave Oliver back” to the Lord, I had peace of mind. I was grieving, but had peace of mind at the same time

The doctor called back at noon to tell me that the bone itself was so compromised, it was crumbling; there was no bone structure strong enough to support the screws. We were out of options. I had my clear-cut guidance; I made the decision.

I think that the third rabbit, the one that was hit by the car, was there to greet Oliver in heaven. Yes, heaven. The same one (human) believers go to. God does not make mistakes, nor does He make anything unimportant. If God thought rabbits (all creatures) important enough to create them in the first place, I don’t think He allows them to pass into oblivion. He thinks animals are important enough to make covenants with (Genesis 9:8-17), promises to (Psalm 36:6, Psalm 104:21, Luke 12:24) and gives them a role in the final judgment and restoration (Ezekial 39:17, Hosea 2:18, Revelations 19:17-18). My faith says that when a human baby dies, it automatically goes to heaven, as it is an innocent. So, too, are the animal creations of God innocents.

Oliver had several good months here on earth: he learned to play with toys and strip wood off doors off doors. He had his beloved yogurt drops. He dozed in front of the television, and learned to ring a bell for attention. He had many a good ear rub, and sat on my lap for snuggles and petting while I wrote Examiner articles (one-handed) at the computer.

Now he’s back in the hands of God.

Note: I continue to miss Oliver terribly. 5 days after he went Home, it snowed. Walking to his gravesite, I noticed a set of bunny tracks. A few more steps and I saw two more separate sets of bunny tracks coming from different directions and converging with the first set, all headed in the same direction as I. Upon reach the grave, I was amazed to find it surrounded by bunny tracks in about a 3 foot radius from the grave. They were everywhere – it had been a full blown bunny party! How amazing that the wild bunnies had all met in that one particular spot out of the entire (large) backyard, and obviously spent some time there visiting with each other.

Last night, it snowed again (welcome to my world). I made my daily trek to his grave and again saw bunny tracks coming from all directions, converging and then heading in the same direction – where apparently they had another Rabbit Rave around his cairn. Go figure. There was no food there, no bird feeders from which to scavenge fallen seed, and no compost piles are nearby.

I plan to put a garden near Ollie in the spring, and plant all sorts of things that wild bunnies might like. I figure Oliver was on his own for a long time before his rescue; he would probably have appreciated finding some tender snow peas in someone’s garden. The wild bunnies can help themselves; I have lots of seeds for replanting.

I think Oliver would be pleased.

~Phyllis O’Beollain



I am absolutely convinced that our beloved pets can and DO go to Heaven! And that those that preceded us will greet us upon our arrival ‘up there’…Last May, @ midnight, my 14 year old Tortoise Shell Calico, Smudge, a female, was meowing FRANTICALLY outside the house on the front driveway. The meows were so sharp, metallic and rapid fire, that at first I thought it was an electronic device going haywire! I came out of my doze with a start and realized it was Smudge!Well, Smudgers, as I always called her, was trying to get my attention big time! I dashed out the door in my skivvies and T shirt, as I thought she was injured, and scooped her up in my arms. As always, I held her furry face, like smooth black velvet, to my face and asked her whatever was the matter? Smudgers instantly launched into her loud ‘hyper-purr’ at my caresses and I held her close for 10 minutes like that. Mind you, space does not permit me to relay why she was the smartest animal I had ever met, and certainly the smartest CAT. But smart old Smidge had a reason for her frantic midnight call: she wanted to say “goodbye”. I had had her for 7 years, obtained from a good friend who was ‘downsizing’ to a smaller house and who needed a loving home for Smudge. And, Smudge, I firmly believe, knew she was dying but made sure she called on me before she went off, as cats are wont to do, to purr herself into Eternity. Her adopted little sister, Daphne,a Siamese Calico mix, misses her ‘big sister’ dearly. Occasionally, I ask Daphne, “WHERE’S Smudgers??” and Daphne, on 2 occasions, has paused to look OVER HER SHOULDER TOWARD THE STREET to see if Smudge is sauntering up the drive…she cocks her head left to right and scans La Pluma Dr for her beloved big sister….Yes, I know Smudgers is in a better place, and waiting for me…I hope St. Francis has met her, and talked to her about her ‘jealousy’ thing LOL!!! I miss my Smudgers….she was a beautiful, loving cat with an enormous personality…My mother adored her….she was her favorite!


God could have ‘nudged Smudge’ to tell me goodbye, and have me comfort her in her distress….we never saw Smudge again after that. ~Jon Wilder


"Dutch Girl," my modern-day braveheart“Dutch Girl,” my modern-day braveheart

The greatest dog in the world showed me the braveness of a gladiator and the heart of unconditional love. She was my “brave heart.” Dutch, you were one of the Creator’s best designs and we give thanks to Him for the gift you were in the life of our family. Father, we acknowledge your purpose and destiny for all that you have created as we reflect on your Son Jesus’ words; “Behold, I make all things new!” (Rev. 21:5) That is enough for us. ~Susi Pittman, Switzerland, FL


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