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Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

~Pope Francis~


Did you hear?

Pet Partners

THAT…Pet Partners, formerly Delta Society, has been helping people understand the important role pets play in their lives for 35 years. As Delta Society and now as Pet Partners, the organization remains focused on improving human health through positive interactions with therapy, service and companion animals. Our history is rich with ground-breaking work and we invite you to become part of our future.


Good News

K9s For Warriors

K9s For Warriors is dedicated to providing service canines to warriors suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disability, traumatic brain injury an/or military sexual trauma as a result of military service post 9/11. Our goal is to give a new leash on life to rescue dogs and military heroes, empowering warriors to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.

Our program includes a three week stay in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Our warriors come here, meet, & train with their new dog. K9s For Warriors focuses on the recovery of the warrior. We offer monthly classes and can accommodate up to 5 warriors a month. We believe that by including the warrior in the training and giving them the training tools necessary the warrior is also becoming part of their own recovery. We are seeing amazing results.


In the News

Path International

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.), a federally-registered 501(c3) nonprofit, was formed in 1969 as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association to promote equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) for individuals with special needs. With more than 4,500 certified instructors and equine specialists and more than 850 member centers around the globe, more than 7,600 PATH Intl. members help 58,300 children and adults–including more than 3,310 veterans and active-duty military personnel–with physical, cognitive and emotional challenges find strength and independence through the power of the horse each year. In addition to therapeutic riding, our centers offer a number of therapeutic equine-related activities, including hippotherapy, equine-facilitated mental health, driving, interactive vaulting, competition, ground work and stable management. More recently, programs offer services in human growth and development to serve wide-ranging audiences for such educational purposes as leadership training, team building and other human capacity enhancement skills for the workplace and for daily use.


Picture of the Week

Atlantic Devil Ray

The Atlantic devil ray can be found in the western Atlantic Ocean from North Carolina south to northern Argentina. Sightings are common along the Atlantic coast of Florida and the surrounding areas (particularly in the summer), as well as in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Antilles. This ray is known to inhabit tropical waters between 24-25º south and 34-35º north latitude. Unconfirmed reports suggest that it may stray as far north as New Jersey, west to the eastern Atlantic coast, and south to the coast of Senegal, Africa.

Ask Susi

QUESTION: Numerous times in your writings you have alluded to the animals and creation “being hard-wired” by God to be who and what they are. And you go on to say that you believe them to be redeemed by Christ and moving to an eternal existence. Explain that.


Susi’s Weekly Column

As New As Tomorrows News

~by Susi Pittman

Animals In Heaven? Catholics Want To Know!

Always new!


Catholic Journeyman


~by Louis Templeman

The human spirit was especially created by God to find incredible peace in reaching beyond the mundane and possible to that which is extraordinary and impossible. Louis’ journey into his Parkinson’ Disease brought him to a moment when he had to decide do I give up or get back up…it’s all about your perspective.


A Poet’s Voice

Balcony People

by PaulaVeloso Babadi

Are you a balcony person?


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

Saunterings with My Creator

~by Virginia Rhys Anson. OFS

Not a morning person? Ginny can relate. However, there is a remedy that guarantees a huge return on rising up early.


This Week’s Top Global Weather News

El Nino Could Be One of the Strongest In 50 Years

This winter’s El Niño could be one of the strongest in the past 50 years, leading to a return of meaningful but not necessarily drought-busting rain in California. “El Nino has steadily strengthened over the past month and is now approaching strong category strength,” stated AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson. “Confidence continues to grow that this El Niño will be one of the stronger El Niños over the past 50 years,” Anderson said. “El Niño typically reaches its peak during the December through February period.”


Weekly Commentary

Failure of Imagination–by David Stolinsky

Some civilizations don’t mature – they just age, and not gracefully. Instead of struggling to carve out a new life and settle a new land, people just settle. They settle for a humdrum life. They settle for hanging onto what they have. They settle for having fewer children, or none. They settle for a job rather than a career. They settle for making a living rather than living. They settle for hoping to retire early rather than hoping to live long enough to realize their dreams. They settle for not dreaming.

And if you complain that we haven’t returned to the moon since 1972, they reply, “Who cares?”


Discovering Catholic Writers

Olga Lossky

Born in 1981 in Paris, Olga Lossky grew up in the Dordogne in the family home of Ladornac and went to college and high school in Terrasson, before moving to France and the world for the purposes of their studies. Holder of a DEA obtained letters of Toulouse, is now based in Paris with her husband and daughter.

She is the author of two novels published by Gallimard, Requiem for a nail (2004) and The revolution of candles (2010), articles published in the journal. The camel and the eye (Journal of Orthodox Youth) and a play, Lourmel, 26 October 1936. Her great-grandfather, the theologian Vladimir Lossky was a friend of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel, one of the most important Orthodox theologians of the twentieth century. For seventy years she helped her church, dispersed and uprooted from its cultural heritage, adapt to a new world. Olga drafted a biography of the Orthodox theologian Elisabeth Behr-Sigel, Toward the Endless Day, in 2007.

Recommended Read

Toward The Endless Day

Published in 2007 in France as Vers le jour sans declin, this biography by the Orthodox writer Olga Lossky will bring to English-speaking readers of all religious persuasions the life and career of a remarkable and admirable woman of faith. Behr-Sigel fully cooperated with this biography, meeting with Lossky weekly during the last year of her life and giving Lossky access to her journal and personal letters.

Elisabeth Behr-Sigel was a remarkable woman who lived in remarkable times. In a new century and in a changed world, we need her story desperately. Olga Lossky provides the window to a life that challenges us more with every passing day. We can be grateful to Jerry Ryan and Michael Plekon for bringing this book to the English-speaking readership.


Quote of the Week

After Apollo 17, America stopped looking towards the next horizon. The United States had become a space-faring nation, but threw it away. We have sacrificed space exploration for space exploitation, which is interesting but scarcely visionary.

~Astronaut Gene Cernan~

Discovering Catholic Saints

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Geology and Archaeology

Planet Pluto’s Exciting Geology

As NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft barrels toward Pluto, rapidly approaching its close encounter on July 14, long-distance reconnaissance by the probe is revealing a fascinating surface geology. Far from being a bland, uniform surface, the dwarf planet seems to play host to a complex array of geological features that planetary scientists are already trying to decipher.


World Climate Issues

Mini ice age in our near future?

We are now able to predict solar cycles with far greater accuracy than ever before thanks to a new model which shows irregularities in the sun’s 11-year heartbeat. The model shows that solar activity will fall by 60 per cent between 2030 and 2040 causing a “mini ice age”. The conditions predicted have not been experienced since the last “mini ice age” which lasted from 1645 to 1715, called the Maunder Minimum.


Global Weather

El Nino Still Hanging Around

El Niño is still hanging around, and it’s expected to continue through spring or early summer, but the impact on U.S. weather during this transition season is usually minor. Meanwhile, NOAA issued a La Niña Watch: conditions are favorable for La Niña to emerge within 6 months. In particular, heat content in the central Pacific dropped below average in March for the first time in a year.



Construction begins on South’s largest wind energy farm

On a vast tract of old North Carolina farmland, crews are getting ready to build something the South has never seen: a commercial-scale wind energy farm.

The $600 million project by Spanish developer Iberdrola Renewables LLC will put 102 turbines on 22,000 acres near the coastal community of Elizabeth City, with plans to add about 50 more. Once up and running, it could generate about 204 megawatts, or enough electricity to power about 60,000 homes.


God’s Green Earth

Pelicans & Flying Rays

Farm News

Floods, droughts may reduce world wheat production

“From early winterkill (U.S.), to crop loss in India, to too much rain in parts of the Southern Plains and eastern Midwest, to serious dry concerns in the northwestern Plains, western Canada and parts of Europe — this year’s wheat crop is facing many more challenges than a year ago and world production will be down this year,” said DTN Analyst Todd Hultman.

In the U.S., issues for winter wheat in the Plains and Midwest have been well-covered. But, the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Prairies wheat crops are struggling with very dry and hot conditions. Temperatures from central Montana through Idaho, Oregon and Washington soared to values of 9 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit above normal during the week of June 25.


Steward Alerts

Journey To Our Father

JOURNEY TO OUR FATHER is dedicated to helping to show you how we can all do our part in providing the means of obtaining these extraordinary blessings we desperately need from God. In the words of Pope John Paul II: “The best, the surest, and the most effective way of establishing everlasting peace on the face of the earth is through the great power of Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.”

Eucharistic Adoration, particularly Perpetual Adoration, is the key to the unlocking of God’s Graces to come upon the earth and bring purity, peace, and holiness to all people. When we adore Him here on earth as He is adored in Heaven, when every parish in the world has Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration, He will reclaim His Kingdom, and the words within the Our Father prayer, …”Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,”… will be fulfilled.


Steward Activities

MOVIE REVIEW:Shaun The Sheep The Movie

This is a film which will entertain young audiences and keep their parents interested and amused, even though the story is very slight and a straightforward adventure of sheep and a dog in the city looking for their farmer who has a concussion, loss of memory, and is in hospital. Shaun the Sheep is not new to television or film. He made his debut in the third Wallace and Gromit film, A Close Shave. Then he had his own television series, a range of short films, which endeared him to audiences. Now he has his own movie!


Song Before the Lord



California’s drought changes habits in the kitchen

Across California, home cooks and restaurant chefs are adjusting to a new reality in kitchens where water once flowed freely over sinks full of vegetables, and no one thought twice about firing up a big pot of water for pasta. The state is in the fourth year of a severe drought, but the reality of living with less water began hitting hard in the spring. For the first time, state officials ordered residents of every city and town to conserve water or face consequences.



101 Gardening Secrets

101+ Gardening Tips helps you get ready for any gardening season with awesome information from around the web!


Wellness & Nutrition

Tips on how to sleep in hot weather

If you find yourself sleepless in the summer, specialists say you’re not alone. According to the medical director for the Centre of Sleep and Human Performance, heat is a leading cause of sleep disruption.



NEW HORIZONS: Pluto In A Minute

The New Horizons Spacecraft, the fastest spacecraft ever built, moving at 30,800 mph  launched on Jan. 19, 2006; it swung past Jupiter for a gravity boost and scientific studies in February 2007, and will conduct a five-month-long reconnaissance flyby study of Pluto and its moons in summer 2015. The Pluto closest approach is scheduled for July 14, 2015. As part of an extended mission, the spacecraft is expected to head farther into the Kuiper Belt to examine one or two of the ancient, icy mini-worlds in that vast region, at least a billion miles beyond Neptune’s orbit. NASA has a site that will keep you posted on the new things we are learning about this farthest planet/dwarf planet in our solar system. SEE MORE at PLUTO IN A MINUTE


Don’t be afraid! This is my brother John-Boy & sister Mary Ellen & brother Ben….

Affiliate Shopping

AFFILIATE SHOPPING for YOU! We continue to build a small but, well focused group of vendors, offering products in line with stewardship of the earth and its creatures. By visiting these product sites from our page, you are helping to support our mission.

Mystic Monk Coffee is a small batch coffee roaster operated by the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming through an online gourmet coffee bean store. Many consider their website the ultimate source for gourmet coffee where it is easy to buy coffee online. The monks carefully craft each freshly roasted coffee to perfection for dark roast coffees, espresso, ground coffees, whole bean coffees, single origin coffees, fair trade coffees, flavored coffees and especially the monks’ special gourmet coffee blends. Try our special auto delivered coffee subscriptions also for the best coffee online.

CLICK the Mystic Monk Logo Above to visit the Mystic Monks Store


Since 1987, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic herbs and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Our primary source of herbal material is from certified organic American farms and many of these farms are on contract with us as an exclusive grower for our needs.




A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FARMTEK was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.



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