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Did you hear?

Pope Francis Signs Himself Up For World Youth Day Using Tablet

Pope Francis opened the registration period for next year’s World Youth Day in Poland, using a tablet computer to sign himself up from a window overlooking St. Peter’s Square during the traditional Sunday blessing.

The pontiff was joined by two young people as he extended an invitation to the world’s Roman Catholic youth to join him in Krakow from July 25-31, 2016.


Good News

Hundreds of dogs rescued in Alabama are now ready for their forever homes

On June 30, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue of 300 severely neglected animals from the Lawrence County Animal Shelter in Moulton, Alabama. The animals—including dogs and cats of all breeds and ages—were found living in filthy, deplorable conditions; many were starving and fighting to survive.

The ASPCA removed the animals from the tragic scene and transported them to a temporary shelter, where they have spent the last few weeks receiving medical care, behavioral enrichment and the kindness they so desperately needed.


In the News

Lochness-like skeleton found in Alaska

The Loch Ness monster may have swum in the ancient seas of Alaska. That is, scientists recently uncovered an elasmosaur fossil in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains. The creature, a type of plesiosaur with a very long neck and paddle-like legs, swam under water in the Late Cretaceous period, about 70 million years ago, as a release noted. The earth sciences curator at University of Alaska Museum of the North said in the release that this swimmer essentially looked like the mythical Loch Ness monster.


Picture of the Week

Mantis Shrimp

The largest Mantis Shrimp ever caught has a length of 18-inches in the Indian River near Fort Pierce, Florida of USA. Called “sea locusts” by ancient Assyrians, “prawn killers” in Australia and now sometimes referred to as “thumb splitters” – because of the animal’s ability to inflict painful gashes if handled incautiously – mantis shrimps sport powerful claws that they use to attack and kill prey by spearing, stunning, or dismemberment. In captivity, some larger species are capable of breaking through aquarium glass with a single strike.

Ask Susi

QUESTION: Numerous times in your writings you have alluded to the animals and creation “being hard-wired” by God to be who and what they are. And you go on to say that you believe them to be redeemed by Christ and moving to an eternal existence. Explain that.


Susi’s Weekly Column

Safety for Senior Dogs

~by Susi Pittman

I had a startling mishap with my 11-year-old Dalmatian, Bud this past week. One that led me to address safety for our senior dogs.


Catholic Journeyman

Can You Go by Yourself?

~by Louis Templeman

Louis is sensitive and humorous in his look at one of the facets of dealing with his Parkinson’s Disease.


Book of the Month–July

Tony Hillerman’s Landscape: On the Road with Chee and Leaphorn, by Anne Hillerman, Photographs by Don Strel.

~Review by Michele Gregoire

A photographic journey through the landscape immortalized in bestselling author Tony Hillerman’ s beloved mystery series featuring the legendary Navajo police officers Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Jim Chee.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

Nature my second home

~by Virginia Rhys Anson. OFS

For many of us, this time of year, the moments we spend away from home on vacation with our families can be the moments we will most cherish as time hurls us forward in our normal work-a-day lives.


This Week’s Top Global Weather News

Historic droughts wreak havoc on FOUR continents

California’s historic drought appears to be matched by severe dry spells on three other continents. Brazil, North Korea and South Africa are bearing the brunt of much lower-than-average precipitation, wreaking havoc on millions of peoples’ lives and livelihoods.


Weekly Commentary

The Wilderness Act

Affiliate Shopping

AFFILIATE SHOPPING for YOU! We continue to build a small but, well focused group of vendors, offering products in line with stewardship of the earth and its creatures. By visiting these product sites from our page, you are helping to support our mission.

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Since 1987, MOUNTAIN ROSE HERBS has consistently delivered exceptional quality certified organic herbs and spices with a strict emphasis on sustainable agriculture. Our primary source of herbal material is from certified organic American farms and many of these farms are on contract with us as an exclusive grower for our needs.




A Division of Engineering Services & Products Company, FARMTEK was founded in 1979 with the purpose of bringing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices with exceptional customer service directly to the agricultural, horticultural, building and retail trade communities.


Geology and Archaeology

Geologists find rock with 30,000 diamonds

It is a wonder why this rock has more than 30,000 colorless, octahedral micro-diamonds – all 10 to 700 micron in size, many occurring in clusters,” Prof Taylor said. Scientists believe that diamonds form at some 160 km deep in the Earth’s mantle and are carried to the surface by special volcanic eruptions. However, most mantle rocks crumble during this journey. The rock from the Udachnaya mine is one of only a few hundred recovered in which the diamonds are still in their original setting from within the Earth.


Discovering Catholic Writers


Laura Wright lives in Poolesville, Md. with her husband, Rob, and their three children. Before starting a family she worked as a reporter for the Catholic Standard newspaper in Washington, D.C. She enjoys writing and blogging about faith and family life at Grace & Cookies .


Many people today think and act like the signs and wonders of Jesus’ time on Earth are over. But the six gifted U.S. Catholics profiled in this book show us that Jesus’ miraculous healing power is as real today as it ever was. Journey with these Catholics, learning about their healing ministries and how God has used them to bring healing and hope to a broken world.


Quote of the Week

You must ask God to give you power to fight against the sin of pride which is your greatest enemy – the root of all that is evil, and the failure of all that is good. For God resists the proud.

~St. Vincent de Paul~

Discovering Catholic Saints

Saint Martha


How this El Nino IS and IS NOT like 1997

On the one hand, the two are comparable given that 1997 was the strongest El Niño on record and, at the moment, the best science indicates that the current event could match or rival that one — at least in terms of ocean temperatures. But on the other hand, each El Niño event is its own beast, the product of conditions in the ocean and atmosphere, of climate and weather that are unique in that particular place and time. READ MORE…

Looking For Sustainability

Empowering Women in Agriculture to End Hunger

If we’re going to end hunger in our lifetimes, we need to empower women. The statistics are well-known. Women make up to half of the agricultural labour force in many developing countries, but barriers to credit, inputs and extension services, as well as land ownership and rights, limit their production.


God’s Green Earth

The Top 20 Sights in Banff National Park

Farm News

These hard-working women will make you rethink the American Farmer

Even though 30% of farmers in the US are women, depictions of American farm life are still primarily of men. With FarmHer, a photograph collection documenting women in the field, Marji Guyler-Alaniz is trying to change that.

“Women always have been and always will be an important part of agriculture,” she told Quartz. But, she says, many female farmers struggle to be taken seriously or to find resources.


Steward Alerts

Why do Catholics venerate the Crucifix?

“Since the Catholic Church predates the denominations, the question should be ‘Why do they not acknowledge Jesus on the cross?’” responds Colin Donovan, vice president of theology for EWTN. “Although images of Christ and the saints had been in use for more than 1,000 years, many of the reformers objected to them as ‘images’ forbidden by the commandment against graven images. This misunderstood the prohibition of making images of God’s spiritual nature…


Steward Activities

Catholic Family Night—from Emily Cavins

Want a fun and simple way to bring the Sunday mass readings alive in your home or the homes of your local parish? One year’s subscription will provide you or your parish with weekly lessons from September, 2014 through November, 2015 with unlimited copy restrictions! Insert in parish bulletins or distribute in your small group Bible study!

Another school year is fast approaching! We will soon be posting Cycle C (Matthew). Catholic Family Night can provide your family or parish a weekly time together to learn more about the Sunday mass readings. Each lesson contains discussion questions, activities, snack ideas, a saint, prayers and easy quiz. The download will includes 52 lessons from Cycle c (2015-16 Advent to Advent) plus the fall lessons of 2015. For only $20 for the entire PDF, you can enjoy hours of time with your family. You may also make as many copies as you like if a parish wishes to use it.  (Currently available is Cycle B)


A Song Before The Lord

You Are Mine

Environmental Education

Environmental groups raise concerns over Florida’s new hunt for oil

Renewed hunts for oil in sensitive Florida ecosystems have environmental groups raising questions about the state’s regulation of the oil and gas industry. A Miami company, Kanter Real Estate LLC, has submitted a permit application to drill an exploratory oil well on the eastern edge of the Everglades. Meanwhile, federal approval is pending for a seismic survey meant to locate new areas for drilling in the Big Cypress National Preserve. The state recently issued a wetlands activity permit to Fort Worth, Texas-based Burnett Oil Co. Inc. for the survey that would cover 110 square miles within the preserve… the proposal worries critics who have complained that lax oversight of previous drilling operations left ecologically sensitive areas vulnerable to contamination.


Youth Stewardship

Sierra Harvest (Nevada): FARM TO SCHOOL

Sierra Harvest’s Farm to School program connects 18 schools and partner farms, reaching over 6000 students and 89% of the K-8 population in Western Nevada County.



The Edible Schoolyard Project

The mission of the Edible Schoolyard Project is to build and share a national edible education curriculum for   pre-kindergarten through high school. We envision gardens and kitchens as interactive classrooms for all academic subjects, and a free, nutritious, organic lunch for every student. Integrating this curriculum into schools can transform the health and values of every child in America.


Wellness & Nutrition

Back to School Fitness for Parents

Did someone say “back to school”? Unfortunately it’s that time of year again, and although it’s great to get the kids out of the house and back into the classroom, it’s also the time for schedule overload and countless afterschool activities. In your preparation of a brand new school year filled with extracurricular activities, make sure that everyone in the family is getting the necessary amount of exercise. It is recommended by the American Heart Association that kids get a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day while adults get at least 30 minutes. This may sound overwhelming at first when you have to factor in a workout to an already hectic schedule, but with some planning and a positive mindset you will be well on your way to a happy, healthy and less stressful school year!



Kepler 452b—Super Earth-like planet found

It looks like the planet Earth is going to need a bigger family tree… NASA recently announced that their planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope (KST) has discovered the most Earth-like planet ever seen – the latest addition to a list of 12 exceptionally promising and potentially habitable worlds…the planet in question, known as Kepler-452b, is 60 percent larger in diameter than Earth and is considered a super-Earth-size planet. While its mass and composition are not yet determined, previous research suggests that planets the size of Kepler-452b have a good chance of being terrestrial, meaning they could also support water or ice.



I heard it! Did you hear it? Can you hear it right now? Should we run?


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