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Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

~Pope Francis~


Did You Hear?

About the undercover robo-animals? Two men in Maryland recently achieved Internet infamy when they were temporarily banned from hunting after they’d used crossbows to shoot a deer on state land.

Or so they thought.

The men had actually fallen prey to the ruse of a state-owned robotic deer, one of a growing number of remote-controlled decoys being used by American wildlife law enforcement to stop poachers. Across the nation, a small army of deer, elk, bear, turkey, fox and wolf dummies has been deployed to catch people who hunt in the wrong place, in the wrong season or otherwise illegally.


Good News

St. Luke Productions

Saint Luke Productions is a Catholic theater ministry dedicated to evangelizing and renewing the culture through professional live and media productions.

We carry out our mission by producing and touring plays on the Gospels and the lives of the saints. We have also produced and distributed a number of feature films and DVDs. Our productions are based on historical, scriptural, and modern day stories. Through theater and the media, we hope to inspire audiences to a deeper desire for the Truth of Jesus Christ. We also are committed to educating and encouraging artists and young people who share our vision.

Our organization has been established within the context of family. In our productions and in our work environment, we work to encourage a greater respect for the family.

By bringing the lives of the saints to modern audiences, Saint Luke Productions fosters vocations and actively participates in the “New Evangelization” of our culture.

We know that it is God, and not Saint Luke Productions, who touches souls. Please pray for our mission, that we can continue to produce new dramas that spread the Faith.


In the News

Wasps have trading partners and compete for the “best trade deals”

In the study, the team from the University’s School of Life Sciences, looked at how the economic rule of ’supply and demand’ applies to populations of paper wasps—in which ‘helper wasps’ raise the offspring of dominant breeders in small social groups in return for belonging in the nest.

The study shows for the first-time that supply and demand theory can be used to understand helping behavior in social insects.

Picture of the Week

A blue blubber jellyfish is eaten by green turtles in Byron Bay, Australia. Adult green turtles are herbivorous, but juvenile green turtles will feed on invertebrates like crab, sponges and jellyfish if the opportunity arises. Photo: Craig Parry, Barcroft Images

Ask Susi

Q: My parish priest told me that “we (meaning the Catholic Church) do not believe that animals go to heaven, because they have no souls.” But, my heart and faith in Jesus tells me otherwise. Is what he said true?

A: This is perhaps the most epic question I am asked, in numerous and varying contexts. Countless books and articles have been given over to the question of animals in heaven and there is the long and short of it, depending on where you really want to go. So, I will answer the initial question, and follow it with an abridged explanation for the positive.


Susi’s Weekly Column

Chapter 4 – Jesus, Lord of Creation

~by Susi Pittman

Chapter 4 of my book, Animals In Heaven? Catholics Want To Know! is perhaps one of my favorite and I share it in its entirety with you.


Makes a GREAT EASTER gift!

Stories of saints and the animals, personal stories, highly researched and presented. A guide for every person who loves animals and is searching for truth.


Catholic Journeyman

A Poverty of Loveliness

~by Louis Templeman

Louis unlocks a sublime truth about “love’s house”….enter in, there is someone waiting for you.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

America’s First Conservationists

~by Virginia Rhys Anson, OFS

Conservation of the vast lands in America started long before the first Europeans arrived. These conservationist were indeed good stewards of their surroundings. Virginia takes you on a delightful historical journey of our first American conservationists.


Weekly Commentary

Luke Warm Catholicism: Ruin Of Souls And A Scourge Upon The Church!

~by Father William Casey

Before I begin, let me say this to you: Today, with the help of God’s Grace, I am going to try to speak with complete honesty. At times, I may be somewhat painfully and brutally frank. Some of you, may not like what I have to say. NO MATTER! Tough times demand tough talk and tough love. If I offend anyone, I apologize in advance, but there are certain things that I believe have got to be said, things that have for too long been left unsaid. At this point, I feel like we priests have nothing to lose. St. Paul wrote, “My brothers, have I become your enemy by telling you the truth?”

I believe there is a sense of urgency that must prevail among men and women of faith if the church in this country is to continue in any kind of effective way.


Catholic Writers

Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke

Raymond Leo Burke (born June 30, 1948) is an American cardinal prelate of the Catholic Church. He is an archbishop and the patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. He served as the archbishop of the Archdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri from 2003 to 2008, and as the bishop of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin from 1995 to 2003.

On November 20, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI elevated Burke to the cardinalate, as Cardinal-Deacon of Sant’Agata dei Goti, making Burke the fifth Archbishop of St. Louis to become a member of the College of Cardinals.

He was one of the cardinal electors who participated in the 2013 papal conclave that elected Pope Francis. The Holy See announced on September 26, 2015, that Pope Francis had assigned Burke the metropolitan Archbishop of Bologna, to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. This meant that Burke returned to the Roman Curia.

As a prominent canon lawyer, Burke is often perceived as a voice of traditionalism and orthodoxy among prelates of the Catholic Church.

Recommended Reads

Hope For The World: To unite all things in Christ

~by Cardinal Raymond Burke

In a thorough and hard-hitting discussion, Cardinal Raymond Burke frankly offers his thoughts and insights on the pressing issues of our times: the role of the Catholic Church in the modern world, the liturgy, spiritual renewal, marriage and family, respect for human life, and more. His deep love for Christ is evident as he recounts his own upbringing in a devout Catholic family, his early priestly years, and his service as a bishop in the United States and Rome.

Every topic is approached from the perspective of deep faith and sound reasoning, without polemics. Cardinal Burke, a great canonist with long pastoral experience, treats difficult subjects with clarity and directness. His lucid and straightforward answers help with understanding the essential moral and spiritual challenges of today. They uncover the foundational truths of the natural law, which is written on our hearts.


Quote of the Week

If honor were profitable, everybody would be honorable.

~Thomas More~

Discovering Catholic Saints

St. Thomas Aquinas

Geology & Archaeology

Three mystery trading ships found off Queensland, Australia

An Australian research team has found three unknown shipwrecks at a notorious reef in the Coral Sea, which they say may offer insights into Australia’s early trade with Asia. The wrecks, estimated to be at least 150 years old, were discovered during a week-long expedition to Kenn Reefs.



Climate not responsible for wipe-out of Australian megafauna

New evidence involving the ancient poop of some of the huge and astonishing creatures that once roamed Australia indicates the primary cause of their extinction was likely a result of humans, not climate change.

Led by Monash University in Victoria, Australia and the University of Colorado Boulder, the team used information from a sediment core drilled in the Indian Ocean off the coast of southwest Australia to help reconstruct past climate and ecosystems on the continent.


Global Weather

The Global Forecast System

The Global Forecast System (GFS) is a weather forecast model produced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). Dozens of atmospheric and land-soil variables are available through this dataset, from temperatures, winds, and precipitation to soil moisture and atmospheric ozone concentration. The entire globe is covered by the GFS at a base horizontal resolution of 18 miles (28 kilometers) between grid points, which is used by the operational forecasters who predict weather out to 16 days in the future. Horizontal resolution drops to 44 miles (70 kilometers) between grid point for forecasts between one week and two weeks.



New design strategy for longer lasting batteries

It’s always exciting to bring home a new smartphone that seems to do anything, but it can be all downhill from there. With every charge and discharge cycle, the device’s battery capacity lowers a little bit more – eventually rendering the device completely useless.

“Why does this degradation occur? In some cases, we know; in other cases, we don’t,” said Northwestern Engineering’s Christopher Wolverton. “But, in many cases, something probably happened to the cathode.”

Wolverton, professor of materials science and engineering in Northwestern’s McCormick School of Engineering, has developed a new computational design strategy that can pinpoint optimal materials with which to coat the cathode in lithium-ion batteries, protecting it from degradation and ultimately extending the battery’s – and device’s – life.



China’s continuous assault on the environment

As 2016 gave way to 2017, residents of Beijing, Tianjin, and many other northern Chinese cities suffered through the longest stretch of stifling air pollution ever recorded in the country. They choked through eight continuous days of thick, light-blocking haze, starting Dec. 30, 2016. This stretch of bad air began only a week after people in 70 northern Chinese cities were enveloped by similar days of haze composed of high concentrations of minute particles. Also known as ultrafine particulates, PM2.5 consists of solids and liquids. Its sources include carbon black from incomplete combustion as well as sulfates and nitrates

That level is twice the daily concentration that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers hazardous to human health. The recent bouts of toxic smog sent tens of thousands of residents fleeing Beijing and other northern Chinese cities for cleaner air abroad or in southern China.


God’s Green Earth


Farm News

Sheep to Textile

This week the 152nd Convention of the American Sheep Industry Association will be held in Denver, CO. Growing the lamb and wool aspects of the industry are a top priority. Montana State University’s Wool Lab is an essential part in growing the sheep industry in the U.S. With 21st Century technology the Wool Lab is helping enhance the opportunities for ranchers, manufactures and consumers to have a part in the sheep industry.


Steward Alerts

U.S. House Votes To Permanently Ban Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

The U.S. House of Representatives passed its first major pro-life bill of the new year on Tuesday, one which would solidify in law the current policy of no federal funding of abortions.

The bill would “protect Americans’ conscience rights by ensuring that their hard-earned tax dollars are not used to fund the destruction of innocent life,” Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., said on the House Floor before the vote.

Federal funding for abortion is largely prohibited under the 40-year-old Hyde Amendment, named after its original sponsor, Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill. However, that amendment has to be passed by Congress every year as a “rider” to appropriations bills, clarifying that the taxpayer dollars cannot be used for abortions.


Steward Activities

“La La Land” (Lionsgate)

Inspired by the musicals of Hollywood’s golden age, this comedy-drama set in present-day Los Angeles chronicles the gooey romance of two star-crossed lovers: an aspiring actress (Emma Stone) and a jazz pianist (Ryan Gosling). She wants to be a movie star, while he hopes to open his own club. The path to success is rocky, and their relationship is put to the test. Writer-director Damien Chazelle dreams big in this over-the-top fantasy where drivers exit their cars on a freeway overpass and burst into song, and lovers dance on air amid the projected stars in a planetarium. Beautifully shot in widescreen CinemaScope, it’s a unique film, though also a self-indulgent one, and tends to lose its way when the song and dance take over. Fortunately, that’s largely made up for by Chazelle’s engaging script, a cast of first-rate actors, and superb music. An implied premarital relationship, a few rough terms, some crude language. The Catholic News Service classification is A-III — adults. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is PG-13 — parents strongly cautioned. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

A Song Before The Lord

Blest Are They


The National Gardening Association

The National Gardening Association helps home gardeners succeed, growing in health, knowledge, environmental awareness, and enthusiasm. In the numerous ways the National Gardening Association reaches gardeners, we help make home and community gardens greener and more productive. From vegetables, herbs, fruits, trees, lawns, flowers, and houseplants, we provide people with the information they need to get started in the world of gardening and grow and maintain thriving, sustainable, and environmentally responsible food gardens and landscapes.


Wellness & Nutrition

Dealing with cold-dry indoor air in winter

Curling up in front of a roaring fire while watching a white, fluffy blanket of snow coat the ground outside gives the winter season a magical air, but the cold air seeping in from that lovely winter scene can be absolutely brutal. Dry winter air leeches moisture, leaving your skin as dry and cracked as a salt flat and your sinuses as parched as the Sahara in summer. Dry air also contributes to that jarring static shock that practically propels you across the room every time you pet the cat. Here are a few tips to help you combat dry indoor air, preserve the moisture in your skin and nasal passages, and avoid feline-induced static shocks this winter.



NASA to rely on Russians for ISS Missions

If NASA intends to continue sending astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) or the moon, the space agency has little choice but to rely on Roscosmos’ Soyuz spacecraft, at least until 2019.On Tuesday, NASA filed a “presolicitation” requesting that private firms reach out to NASA if they can transport astronauts to and from the orbital research platform.

“Only Russian spacecraft carry people to [ISS] right now,” according to NASA’s website. The transportation services include one astronaut in the fall of this year and another in the spring of 2018, according to a document published by the General Services Administration (GSA). Procuring seats on the Soyuz will “maximize ISS science utilization,” it notes.




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