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Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

~Pope Francis~


September 22, 2016: 10:21AM


Did you know?

THAT – 40DAYS FOR LIFE is set to begin?

From September 28 – November 6, help save lives by joining with record numbers of people across all 50 US states and 23 nations for the largest pro-life mobilization in history!


40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that takes a determined, peaceful approach to showing local communities the consequences of abortion in their own neighborhoods, for their own friends and families. It puts into action a desire to cooperate with God in the carrying out of His plan for the end of abortion. It draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program:

Prayer and fasting

Constant vigil

Community outreach

The 40-day campaign tracks Biblical history, where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals, communities … and the entire world. From Noah in the flood to Moses on the mountain to the disciples after Christ’s resurrection, it is clear that God sees the transformative value of His people accepting and meeting a 40-day challenge.


Good News

UNITED 40 Days For Life

In the News

57,000,000+ Babies Aborted Since Roe v. Wade In U.S.

57,762,169 babies have been aborted in the United States since the landmark passage of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 1973.

In the United States you could say that we have killed a complete generation of our populous.

However, there is good news, the long term trend is fewer abortions, and the number is down significantly from 1990 when the country saw 1.6 million abortions a year. As one measure of the impact that the Pro-Life work has had, if the number of abortions had remained at 1.6 million, more than seven MILLION more babies would have died.


Picture of the Week

~Nothing can compete with the Master’s paint brush~

God Our Creator

Remember that everything real and valuable on earth came from heaven to begin with. A cat is not merely evolved molecules in motion; it is a divine idea, a work of art, and a sign. It is a natural sign; it has something of what it signifies, and what it signifies is something heavenly, so there is something of heaven in a cat. And heaven does not die. God does not throw his artwork into the wastebasket; God does not make junk. All his work has eternal value. It passes through time and seems to pass away – but it is in eternity.

~Peter Kreeft, Heaven: The Heart’s Deepest Longing~

Ask Susi

Q: My parish priest told me that “we (meaning the Catholic Church) do not believe that animals go to heaven, because they have no souls.” But, my heart and faith in Jesus tells me otherwise. Is what he said true?

A: This is perhaps the most epic question I am asked, in numerous and varying contexts. Countless books and articles have been given over to the question of animals in heaven and there is the long and short of it, depending on where you really want to go. So, I will answer the initial question, and follow it with an abridged explanation for the positive.


Susi Weekly Column


~by Susi Pittman

Creation and all creatures carry a stamp, an RFID coding, an identity footprint that makes very clear who indeed was their Creator. What is this signature called?


Catholic Journeyman

Don’t Miss Life’s Suprises

~by Louis Templeman

It’s easy to be distracted in your daily living and not know that you just missed God.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

Create A Pond

~by Virginia Rhys Anson, OFS

A back yard pond can be an oasis for the eye and the soul…for you…for wildlife. Take a quick and easy road to your perfect pond feature!


Weekly Commentary

Neither Right not Left, but Catholic - by Rick Becker

This campaign season has been a wild ride so far, and it’s clearly not letting up. In fact, my working title for this essay was “Election 2016: Now What Are We Going to Do?!” (with question mark and exclamation point intact) because that seems to be what everybody’s feeling. The ups and downs, the rancor and revelations, the caustic personalities and dubious track records of the candidates – it’s all made an already difficult deliberative process well-nigh impossible. For many of us the question has ceased to be “Who can I vote for?” and instead we’re asking ourselves, “Can I vote for anyone at all?”


Discovering Catholic Writers

David Bereit Author

David Bereit was a successful pharmaceutical sales rep with a company car, expense account, and substantial paycheck when he got a phone call that led him to give it all up for the pro-life cause.

When Planned Parenthood announced in 1998 its plans to open an abortion facility in College Station, Texas, where IDavidwas living at the time, abortion became “real” for him. He recognized the problem was coming to his community and that he had call to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” doing everything he possibly could to protect babies and women from abortion. He began to volunteer with a local group called the Coalition for Life, and in 2001, he felt led to resign his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry to devote his full-time energy to the pro-life movement. The efforts had ups and downs over the next few years, but the biggest turning point – by far – was the launch of 40 Days for Life.

Since launching 40 Days for Life, he has spoken extensively across the United States and around the world, inspiring audiences as large as seventy thousand people. His work has been prominently featured in the media, including coverage on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, HBO, hundreds of radio programs, and over one hundred news-papers across the country, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and USA Today. David has received many prestigious awards, including the Henry Hyde Life Leadership Award, the Students for Life of America Defender of Life Award, and the Walk for Life West Coast St. Gianna Molla Award for Pro-Life Heroism. David is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in biomedical science. He is married to his best friend Margaret, and they reside in Virginia with their two children.


Recommended Read

40 Days For Life: Discover What God Has Done -by David Bereit

Beginning with one hour of prayer in Texas in 2004, the groundbreaking 40 Days for Life movement of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils, and community outreach has mobilized more than half a million volunteers in 481 cities around the world. 6,749 babies have been spared from abortion. 75 abortion workers have had a change of heart and quit their jobs. 25 abortion centers have closed. And every baby, every changed heart, every closure is an amazing story.

This book contains forty of those stories:

  • Hearts changed on the most controversial issue in our culture
  • Babies and mothers spared from abortion at the last possible second
  • Shocking secrets from inside the abortion industry – revealed
  • Abortion workers experiencing a change of heart and quitting their jobs
  • Thriving abortion facilities shutting down for good

Prepare for a 40-day journey like no other where you will discover how God can use you to change hearts and save lives.


Quote of the Week

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

– Ronald Reagan

Discovering Our Catholic Saints

Saint Bonaventure

Geology & Archaeology

Island Emerges From Dead Sea

The emergence of a new island near the southern end of the Sea of Galilee, due to a dramatic drop in water levels, is the latest evidence of the drought that has hit Israel, and – according to some – fulfillment of Jewish prophecy of the coming of the Messiah.

The current water level in the lake, associated with the ministry and miracles of Jesus, is at 700.04 feet below sea level, according to a recent announcement by the Sea of Galilee’s Kinneret Authority. It is considered at full capacity when the level is at 685.38 feet below sea level.


World Climate Issues

Climate Change Is The National Parks Biggest Challenge

Climate change isn’t the first challenge to the wonders that national parks protect. Air pollution, the threat of oil and gas extraction on their borders, budget woes and the arrival of non-native species have all put the pinch on parks. But climate change represents an existential threat the likes of which the National Park Service has never had to deal with.

“Fundamentally, it’s the biggest challenge the National Park Service has ever faced,” Jonathan Jarvis, the NPS director, said. “I put it up there because it fundamentally changes the way we are going to manage our national parks into the future. It’s making us rethink the whole paradigm under which we manage them.”


Global Weather

The Longest Lightning Bolt EVER Recorded

On June 20, 2007, during a thunder storm in Oklahoma, a lighting bolt streaked across half the state. This is the longest lightning bolt ever recorded, stretching 199.5 miles from outside Tulsa to the Texas border, according to a press release. Originating at an altitude of six miles, the lightning touched down in several locations on its journey and was visible as far away as Colorado.



What is the difference between organic, sustainable and biodynamic wines?

These terms vary in the way they’re defined and regulated, but I’ll do my best to sort out the way they’re most typically used.

The U.S. government regulates use of the term “organic,” but “sustainable” and “biodynamic” have no legal definitions. So I’ll start with organic: there are two types of organic listings on wine bottles. Wines can be made from certified organically grown grapes, avoiding any synthetic pesticides or additives, or, to take it a step further, “organic” wines are made from organically grown grapes, and are also made without any added sulfites (though naturally occurring sulfites will still be present).


God’s Green Earth

Storm Clouds

Farm News

Son and Reins Ranch

At The Son and Reins, we use Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) activities to help our participants self-identify challenges in their lives, especially those emotional and behavioral troubles that emerge from the wounds of life experiences. We create a safe and positive environment that facilitates the discovery of what has inhibited the participant to become all that God intends – to live a life of purpose, hope, and relationship. How does this happen? Step out into the pasture and say hello to God’s four-legged assistants and be ready for positive, life-altering transformation at the hands of the Holy Spirit. Oh, and in case you wanted to get more out of each session, be prepared for walking a deeper path of faith and trust in God as He reveals His love and compassion for you through His horses.


Steward Alerts

The Stages of Sin From St. Bernard of Clairvaux – by Monsignor Charles Pope

There are times when one reads something from one of the saints and is stunned by the tremendous insight, the piercing analysis, like a surgeon’s scalpel dividing diseased from healthy tissue. Such was my experience recently when reading a passage from St. Bernard of Clairvaux.

In this passage, Bernard analyzes the descent into the increasing darkness of sin experienced by those who refuse to hear the call to repent. I would argue that it applies not just to individuals, but to entire cultures.


Steward Activities

Pray and Fast During the 40 Days For Life

We fervently believe that prayer and fasting will end abortion, and your prayers will be very much needed and appreciated. Devotionals will be posted during the next 40 Days for Life campaign, which will run from September 28 through November 6. Receive devotionals and other campaign information by email.


Song Before the Lord

Dies Irae


Philippines: Irresponsible nickel mining practices ” crackdowns”

The Southeast Asian nation, the world’s top supplier of nickel ore, has already halted the operations of 10 mines, eight of them nickel producers, for environmental lapses since it launched an audit in July, stoking increases in global prices.

A total of 40 large-scale metal mines in the country underwent an audit launched on July 8 by Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Regina Lopez as she sought to stop what she claims is irresponsible mining from harming the environment.



15 Great Veggies For A Fall Harvest

Summer is sticking around a little longer this year. If you’d like a fall harvest, now is the time to get your hands in the dirt and get planting your fall crops! There are plenty of vegetable crops that actually prefer the cool fall weather and will produce a bigger, better crop because of it. Lettuce, for instance, will grow bigger without bolting in the summer heat. Kale will develop a perfect sweetness after the first frost. Fall vegetable crops can also be stored in a root cellar after harvest for use all winter long.


Wellness & Nutrition

Transitioning you summer career habits into fall

As tans begin to fade and summer winds down, there’s no denying it: Crisp fall mornings are on the horizon. And while the past several months were probably characterized by a more casual dress code, summer Friday hours, a lax schedule and a lighter commute, the onset of fall means it’s time to shift gears.

As temperatures start cooling off, both work schedules and job-searching regimens typically ramp up to full form. Here are several ways to ease the transition and get into the zone to focus on a successful autumn for your career:



International Space Station To Get “Dock” for Visitors

NASA astronauts are readying to conduct a 6.5 hour spacewalk in order to install a part that will allow private companies to dock with the ISS.

Space exploration is reaching another milestone, as NASA breaks the Russian monopoly in ferrying astronauts to the ISS. Not with its own spacecraft, mind you. No, it will be fitting the ISS with parts needed to dock private spacecraft.


Sure to make you Smile


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