June 7, 2017


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Some of the most pressing conservation issues need to distinguish between multiple, concurrent pressures facing wildlife over a large geographic range.

The Conservation Canines program addresses this need by combining the precision and efficiency of detection dogs to readily locate wildlife scat (feces) samples with the ability to extract a wide variety of genetic, physiological, toxicological and dietary indicators from these samples. These indicators enable us to ascertain species abundance, distribution, resource use, and physiological health all in relation to the environmental pressure(s) the species is encountering.


Good News

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, U.K.

Feeling Blue? RSPCA’s funniest calls bound to put a smile on your face!

The RSPCA receives one call every 27 seconds and while many are heartbreaking, some do provide some light relief.

The charity’s cruelty line receives more than a million calls a year, but whether it’s a plastic snake stuck in a loft or a trapped bird which turns out to be a dodgy fire alarm, not every call out is quite what it seems.

Assistant director of the RSPCA inspectorate Dermot Murphy says: “We do get some bizarre calls. In one recent case we had a call from someone who was convinced there was a bird stuck in their loft – when the inspector arrived they heard a noise and found a smoke alarm beeping in the sitting room as the battery had gone flat.


In the News

Dog retrieves lost golf balls to raise money for Animal Shelter

Good boy! One dog in Albertville, Minnesota, is giving back to his fellow canines. Davos helps collect and sell golf balls to raise money for animal shelters.


Picture of the Week

Dalmatian Pelican – is a massive member of the pelican family. It breeds from southeastern Europe to India and China in swamps and shallow lakes. The nest is a crude heap of vegetation. This huge bird is by a slight margin the largest of the pelican species and one of the largest living bird species. It measures 5 to 6 feet in length, 16 – 33 lbs. in weight and 9 -11 1/2 feet in wingspan.

Ask Susi

QUESTION: Numerous times in your writings you have alluded to the animals and creation “being hard-wired” by God to be who and what they are. And you go on to say that you believe them to be redeemed by Christ and moving to an eternal existence. Explain that.


Susi Weekly Column

A Final Goodbye to Bud

~by Susi Pittman

My Dalmatian, Buddy Boy passed away this past December. It was just before my birthday and Christmas when the call from Jesus came. Bud was a great teacher and what I learned from him has made me a better person.


Catholic Journeyman

The Song We Sing

~by Louis Templeman

It is the lullaby of love that surpasses all understanding, and it is ours in this life.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

How Do You Do It? I Need to Know

~by Virginia Rhys Anson, OFS

The noise pollution in the world can leave the mind yearning for an oasis of peaceful silence.


Weekly Commentary

Kathy Griffin and the vanishing argument

~by Bishop Robert Barron

By now the whole world has heard about comedian Kathy Griffin’s appalling staged-photo of herself holding a mock-up of the bloody, severed head of Donald Trump. Despite her rather pathetic apology, a firestorm of protest has broken out pretty much everywhere.


Catholic Writers

Reverend Alfred A. McBride, O.Praem

Rev. Alfred A. McBride, of the Order of the Canons Regular of Premontre (Norbertines) (1928- ): Author of several seminal books on catechetics in the 1960s as well as a popular presenter on catechetics in the United States immediately following Vatican II and more recently in introducing the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Among his many noteworthy accomplishments is the creation of the Department of Religious Education at the National Catholic Educational Association with associations for both diocesan directors of religious education and parish directors. Fr. McBride’s life is a witness to his commitment to insure that the Catholic tradition is faithfully handed on in a systematic and comprehensive fashion.

Father Alfred McBride is a member of the Order of the Canons Regular of Premontre, commonly referred to as the Norbertines. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1953, and holds a doctorate in religious education from the Catholic University of America. During his ministry, he has served as professor, novice master, university president, and was the founder and executive director of the department of religious education at the National Catholic Educational Association.

Father McBride has published more than 40 books, including All I Own I Owe, his autobiography, The Second Coming: Meditation and Commentary on the Book of Revelation (Our Sunday Visitor, 1992) and Millennium: End of Time? A New Beginning? (Our Sunday Visitor, 1998). He has authored more than 200 articles which have been published by Crisis, Our Sunday Visitor, Lay Witness, and Catechesis Today.


Recommended Read

All I Own I Owe - An Autobiography of Reverend Alfred A. McBride, O.Praem

Father Alfred McBride, O.Praem has been one of the leading Catholic educators and catechists since the second Vatican Council. Perhaps most well-known for his popular Teen Catechism, Father McBride has authored more than a dozen books on the faith, helping Catholics the world over learn more about the Christ and his teachings.

Now, learn more about Father McBride in his own words. From his days as an adopted boy on the tough streets of Philadelphia to his time in the seminary to his early days as a Norbertine teacher to his rise to prominent and respected Catholic Educator.


Quote of the Week

If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.

~ James Herriot ~

Our Catholic Saints

Saint John Bosco

Geology & Archaeology

Ancient Viking Code Deciphered

An ancient Norse code which has been puzzling experts for years has been cracked by a Norwegian runologist – to discover the Viking equivalent of playful text messages.

The mysterious jötunvillur code, which dates to 12th or 13th-century Scandinavia, has been unravelled by K Jonas Nordby from the University of Oslo, after he studied a 13th-century stick on which two men, Sigurd and Lavrans, had carved their name in both code and in standard runes. The jötunvillur code is found on only nine inscriptions, from different parts of Scandinavia, and has never been interpreted before.



Is climate changing cloud heights? Too soon to tell.

A new analysis of 15 years of NASA satellite cloud measurements finds that clouds worldwide show no definitive trend during this period toward decreasing or increasing in height. The new study updates an earlier analysis of the first 10 years of the same data that suggested cloud heights might be getting lower.


Global Weather

Why dry air is heavier than humid air

When temperatures climb into the 90s with high humidity levels (dew points in the 70s) you’re likely to hear someone say something like: “The air is really heavy today.” Or, maybe, given today’s delightfully low humidity, you might think the air seems particularly light.

But the assumption that humid air is heavier than dry air is wrong.



Unleashing the power of landowners to protect forests

Last month, I traveled to D.C. to speak at the Innovation Forum on Deforestation in Washington. This event provides a unique forum for large corporations and conservation organizations to engage in dialogue about opportunities and challenges related to improving forest conservation outcomes around the world.

The conversation kept returning to what seemed to be universally and unquestionably accepted as a central challenge in achieving large-scale improvements in conservation outcomes: influencing the forest management practices of private landowners.

This conversation seemed, in some ways, mind-boggling given that existing markets, when combined with favorable government policies, have been influencing landowner forest practices on a very large scale for decades. This is especially evident in the Southeastern U.S., the world’s largest wood producing region, where nearly 90 percent of the land is privately owned.




World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. This site serves as the central coordinating platform for World Oceans Day, with free resources and ideas for everyone – no matter where you live – to help expand the reach and impact of World Oceans Day on June 8 and year-round.



Philippine’s indigenous people fight for return of ancestral land

The native inhabitants of the Philippines (called Lumads), historically have had their homelands targeted for large corporate development projects, including mining operations, hydroelectric dams and mono-crop plantations, as documented by organizations like the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Northern Mindanao Sub-Region (RMP-NMR). Representatives say the Lumads have been promised myriad benefits by development companies, but have more often been delivered the gifts of displacement, destruction of their environment, livelihood and culture, and the killing of their tribal leaders.


God’s Green Earth

Orinoco Flow

Farm News

Would  YOU be a Good Farmer?


Uncle George has left you his farm, but unfortunately it’s in pretty bad shape. Using business skills and the help of your neighbors, family and friends you can turn the overgrown barnyard into a beautiful and prosperous farm again!


Steward Alerts

Would you Like to Pray The Liturgy of the Hours?

The Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office or the Work of God (Opus Dei), is the daily prayer of the Church, marking the hours of each day and sanctifying the day with prayer. The Hours are a meditative dialogue on the mystery of Christ, using scripture and prayer. In the Hours, the royal priesthood of the baptized is exercised, and this sacrifice of praise is thus connected to the sacrifice of the Eucharist, both preparing for and flowing from the Mass.

Designed to be very simple to use, this audio version of the Liturgy of the Hours includes scripture readings, psalms and prayers for several times (hours) of each day.


Steward Activities


~Family Movie Guide

Based on the true life story of a young Marine corporal whose unique discipline and bond with her military combat dog saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq. Leavey was awarded the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with a “V” device denoting heroism in combat.

MEGAN LEAVEY is an entertaining, suspenseful movie with some heartfelt moments. Overall though, the script could have been improved and condensed. The movie seems to linger toward the end and could have been edited more tightly. MEGAN LEAVEY has a strong moral, patriotic worldview. Sacrificing for others brings purpose to Megan’s life.


Song Before the Lord

Lilies of the Field


25 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes

Avoid common landscaping disasters and learn what to do to fix them with solutions you’ll find on HGTV.com.


Wellness & Nutrition

Beat the heat! Stay cool in Summer

Everyone has their own idea on how to cool down on a hot summers day. But, there are a few clever tricks that we’re certain you have not heard about that are sure to have you saying coooollll !



How People in the Old Testament Viewed the Universe

In general, the world was a flat disc covered by a firm dome. Beneath the disc was Sheol – the place of the dead – and the deep waters. Above the dome, there was more water and finally the high heavens where God dwells. The notion that the sky was a vast solid dome seems to have been common among the ancient peoples… According to the notion prevalent among the Greeks and Romans, the sky was a great vault of crystal to which the fixed stars were attached, though by some it was held to be of iron or brass. That the Hebrews entertained similar ideas appears from numerous biblical passages.


Sure to make you Smile

I AM JAWS !!! Swimmers be ware!!


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