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Celebrating 8 Years Online !

Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

~Pope Francis~


Did You Hear?

THAT…the Georgia House members passed a House Bill to officially name a state dog. Instead of pitting one breed over another for the honor, the bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Joe Wilkinson, R-Sandy Springs, said he chose what he thought was the best compromise: the designation would go simply to “the adoptable dog.”


Good News

Fields of Gold: the best of Britain’s wild meadows

Many of the UK’s pastures have been lost to industrial farming, but pockets of verdant, vibrant land still brim with life, color and noise.

I was brought up among the meadows of rural Somerset and my childhood memories are filled with these experiences. I wanted my daughter to grow up with them, too, but as a mother I found that the fields I loved had vanished. More than 97% of original British hay meadows and wild grasslands have been lost since the 1970s and 60% of all British species are in decline. The shock of discovering this prompted me to leave my job and, with my family, set off to document what remains of Britain’s meadow legacy.


In the News

Bald Eagle Rescued From Trap

A British Columbia woman captured video of her family members rescuing a bald eagle they found in a wildlife trap while snowmobiling. Tasha Hall said she was snowmobiling with family Jan. 27 in the hopes of finding some moose to photograph when the group spotted a bald eagle caught in a trap that appeared to have been intended for a larger animal, such as a wolf.


Picture of the Week

For this species, it takes a colony to raise the young. However, flamingo parents are in charge of feeding their own offspring. The parents, who mate for life, are both involved in egg and chick care.

Ask Susi

Q: My parish priest told me that “we (meaning the Catholic Church) do not believe that animals go to heaven, because they have no souls.” But, my heart and faith in Jesus tells me otherwise. Is what he said true?

A: This is perhaps the most epic question I am asked, in numerous and varying contexts. Countless books and articles have been given over to the question of animals in heaven and there is the long and short of it, depending on where you really want to go. So, I will answer the initial question, and follow it with an abridged explanation for the positive.


Susi’s Weekly Column

Look! The crane…the crane!

~by Susi Pittman

In a fantasy of flight, they arrive by the hundreds and my usually peaceful surroundings are awakened to the arrival of spring’s timeless visitor.


Catholic Journeyman


~by Louis Templeman

Does God play? This is an odd question which presented itself to my imagination recently. To consider such an idea is to (excuse the $2.00 word) anthropomorphize God: to make God human. It is a way to try to understand by using metaphors. It is practically unavoidable to undertake theological discussions without this rhetorical device; humanizing God so we can understand him in our language.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

The Animals On My Bookcase

~by Virginia Rhys Anson, OFS

It is amazing what stories may lie in statues on a bookcase. Join Ginny in a whimsical journey to stories untold, until now.


Weekly Commentary

Why having dogs in the office is a win-win situation for everyone – by Amy Sinatra Ayres

Working in an office can mean long and sometimes stressful days. But some companies have discovered that allowing employees to bring their dogs into the office offers lots of benefits — for everyone. For the dogs, it provides a way to socialize and get a change of scenery. And for the people, four-legged colleagues can alter the whole atmosphere of an office.


Discovering Catholic Writers

Charles A. Coulombe

Author of the chart-climbing The Pope’s Legion, and Puritan’s Empire: A Catholic Perspective on American History, Coulombe is recognized internationally for his in-depth knowledge of Vatican politics and the influence of Catholicism in America and Europe. His audiences regularly range from graduate students at Oxford University, England to the New Mexico Military Institute, from which he graduated. His international articles have appeared in the New Oxford Review, National Catholic Register, American Thinker, Los Angeles Catholic Mission, Monarchy Canada, Taki’s Magazine, and The Irish Democrat.

Mr. Coulombe serves as Western U.S. Delegate of the Grand Council of the U.K.-based International Monarchist League, and is a member of both the Catholic Writer’s Guild of Great Britain (the Keys) and the Royal Stuart Society. Mr. Coulombe is also a founding board member of the Los Angeles-based Queen of Angels Foundation, a Catholic devotional society.

Charles A. Coulombe is one of the premiere Catholic historians today. With each historical event, whether it involves the church or state, Coulombe is able to bring a rich historical perspective and analysis. Seeing history through his lens and picking up his insights will make you feel smarter than you actually are. Combined with his vibrant personality, Charles has a unique voice that has the ability to make normally mundane subjects into fun, engaging learning experiences.

A Recommended Read

Every Man Today Call Rome – by Charles A. Coulombe

Written in 1987, this is Charles Coulombe’s first book in which he yearns for a retracement back to Catholic principles. This book is comprised of three sections. The first and largest section outlines the history of world events which have shaped our world and have ultimately led to the current crisis in the Church. The second part discusses changes in the approach to the Mass, the Sacraments, and Christian life as a whole. Mr. Coulombe closes the book by explaining how a person can safeguard the integrity of his faith amidst all the challenges of today’s world. Everyman Today Call Rome is a historical narrative that is loaded with wit and insights in typical Coulombe fashion that you will not want to miss.


Quote of the Week

The greatest temptations are not those that solicit our consent to obvious sin, but those that offer us great evils masking as the greatest goods.

~ Thomas Merton ~

Discovering Catholic Saints

The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter


U.S. cities we could lose to sea level rise

This animation does not show, exactly when sea level will reach heights great enough to pose these dangers — likely centuries. Rather, our findings assess when enough carbon pollution will have accumulated, under each scenario, to lock in future sea level rise posing existential threats for each town or city — sea level rise that could submerge land where more than half of today’s population lives. This summary discusses the research and findings further.


Global Weather

Which country will be under water in our lifetime?


Energy Storage Gives Renewables A Jump Start

Remote Australian communities often use diesel generators for power. They’re expensive to run and emit pollution and greenhouse gases. Even people who don’t rely entirely on generators use Australia’s power grid, which is mostly fueled by polluting, climate-altering coal. Now, one company is showing that supplying Australia’s energy needn’t be expensive or polluting.



Mekong Projects must address the surrounding environment

China opened the waterway in the Mekong River to countries downstream more than two decades ago. Thailand’s Chiang Saen and Chiang Khong ports have been kept busy with vessels from China. Thailand, of course, does ship to China via the Mekong, but China uses the waterway more. China has been clearing the Golden Triangle stretch for more than 10 years, making navigation safe and convenient from Simao port in Yunnan province to Thailand. Vessels below 50 tonnes can now travel down the Mekong without any hindrance as all rocks and islands in the river have been moved.

However, this is not enough for China to achieve its goal of allowing bigger vessels to travel down the river to at least Luang Prabang in Laos. In order to do that, China will have to clear more stretches of the river from Laos’ Huay Xay to Luang Prabang. The river has banks in both Thailand and Laos in some parts.


God’s Green Earth


Farm News

Poet Wendell Berry bequeaths farming legacy to small Catholic college

The Berry family has lived in these parts for nine generations. While pursuing a prolific writing career, Berry never stopped caring for the land of his ancestors. Now, the 81-year-old writer wants to pass on his family’s farming legacy to a new generation. He decided against teaming up with a large university agricultural program, and instead selected a small Catholic liberal arts college about an hour’s drive from Louisville, run by the Dominican Sisters of Peace.


Steward Alerts

Download JESUS

The Truth & Life Dramatized audio Bible New Testament is endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and includes a foreword by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Voiced by award winning internationally-renowed actors including: Neal McDonough, Kristen Bell, Sean Astin, Michael York, Blair Underwood, Malcolm McDowell, Stacy Keach, Brian Cox, Julia Ormond, John Rhys-Davies and many more. The Truth & Life audio New Testament is a first of its kind dramatized audio Bible from the RSV-CE.


Steward Activities

Kids and Prayer – A DVD

The Kids and Prayer DVD featuring Br. Mickey McGrath, OSFS, is a wonderful introduction to prayer for kids, divided into 4 segments for instruction. Br. Mickey stresses how much Jesus loved children, and that prayer is about communication and relationships with God, and that you can talk to God anywhere.


A Song Before The Lord

Te Deum Laudamus



Understanding how plants grow in space will be vital to future long-haul missions — such as one to Mars — because astronauts will have to grow some of their own food. American astronaut Scott Kelly, who is toward the end of his scheduled year in space, has been busy tending to a garden on board the International Space Station, growing lettuce and flowers. Meanwhile, a team on the ground is also working on a control experiment that will better inform NASA’s vision for having a fully functional garden in space. “We need to learn a tremendous amount to help develop more robust sustainable food production systems as NASA moves toward long-duration exploration and the journey to Mars.”


Wellness & Nutrition

National Allergy Forecast

Weather plays a direct role in the severity and length of the allergy season. Weather conditions will increase the amount of pollen production to yield high pollen levels or decrease pollen production to yield low pollen levels.



NASA seeks partnerships with U.S. Companies

NASA is seeking partnerships with U.S. companies focused on industry-developed space technologies that can advance the commercial space sector and benefit future NASA missions through the “Announcement of Collaborative Opportunity (ACO)” solicitation released by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD). NASA centers will partner with the companies that are awarded projects under the ACO to provide technical expertise and test facilities as well as hardware and software to aid in maturing technologies that can enable or enhance space systems and closely related subsystems



When you fly, it’s all about the style!


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