September 9, 2015: Miss Kali & Cohorts: Media darlings!

~by Susi Pittman

September 9, 2015: Miss Kali & Cohorts: Media darlings!

August 1st of this year, a digital spectacular, described as “shining a light on endangered species” occurred in New York City. Travis Threlkel, founder of Obscura Digital, a company with an A-List of mega-million & billion-dollar clients, produced a digital picture presentation of extreme magnitude regarding endangered species that was projected onto the south face of New York’s Empire State Building. The art displayed was the creation of filmmaker Louie Psihoyos, known for his photography with National Geographic and as a co-founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society, the money behind the production.

The presentation had many species of endangered animals, but it was the final frame that created a wave of shock, confusion, repulsion, laughter, disconcertedness, awe and a lack of general consensus on its meaning. The image was that of the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, Kali, the new agers Mother Earth, one that certainly is an equivalent to the Christian definition of Satan.

Why on earth would “this image” be used to end what could have been a great presentation in animal images and conservation messaging in its own right?

It was used to provide a ferocious new entity in the fight against extinction and the environmental ills that the Earth is faced with today. Thus, the clarity to the extreme radicalism of the Oceanic Preservation Society’s agenda.

I am saddened and sickened by presentations such as this. It stems to hurt the work of so many who day-after-day serve God in Christian stewardship and care of creation and its creatures.

I see the under-belly of the media as they are quick to tout and exploit this presentation, one that alludes to a goddess to whom human sacrifices ( 2-million of them back in the 1800’s) were made. How apropos that such an image would shine brightly in the city with the largest pro-abortion support in the country, you can bet the media would support that! It is a certainty that had the images of aborted children and distraught victims of abortion been projected upon the Empire State Building that the media would have “crucified” rather than “glorified” the feat!

I am absolutely sure that Planned Parenthood, which receives half of its 1-billion dollar funding from the United States government and who has no bigger presence in this country than it does in New York City, celebrated this digital presentation.

But, how very spiritually sad that it was allowed to shine upon the city and the world at all.

Just think if the presentation had ended with an ennobling image of Saint Francis of Assisi or Saint Michael the Archangel with a call to action. What might have been the “blessing” placed in the hearts and minds of the people? Consider the spiritual strengthening the soul would drink from the divine nourishment of “light” instead that of abysmal darkness!

But, that doesn’t serve the extremist agenda in making humankind the “earthly cancer” it wants us all to believe that we are… in need of being “controlled!”

It’s quite wonderful that many (and I do mean a majority) of the environmental, ecological and animal advocate groups DID NOT provide ANY link to this production. It gives me great hope in the GOOD work of humanity that does not engender paganism or extremism.

We as stewards and being especially Catholic, One Holy and Apostolic Church are charged by God with an awesome responsibility to be stewards for the entire Earth.

The preface to the Mass on Sundays during Ordinary Time says:

“All things are of your making, all times and seasons obey your laws, but you chose to create man in your own image, setting him over the whole world in all its wonder.

You made man the steward of creation, to praise you day by day for the marvels of your wisdom and power, through Jesus Christ our Lord”.

May the love of Saint Francis of Assisi fill your heart with kindness and a fervor to serve the Lord God as a good and faithful steward of creation.

May the warrior prince of Heaven, Saint Michael the Archangel guard the good work of the good stewards, all for the glory of the One who is the Father of all…Almighty God!

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