March 9, 2016: Children Touched By Heaven

~by Susi Pittman

March 9, 2016: Children Touched By Heaven

In the past few years there have been two high profile movies that have been produced from published books regarding children who have experienced Heaven in one way or another, one being Heaven Is For Real and the other the recently released Miracles From Heaven. Oh, there have been other books about adults and teens that have died and seen Heaven, but what piques my interest is what very young children have to say.

Children at very young ages can be highly impressionable and there can be a thin line between what they are saying being truth or fiction. Such was the case of the little boy named Alex Malarkey whose father wrote a bogus story about his son seeing “paradise” while in a coma for two months. Tragically this little boy tried to tell people it was a lie, but his father oppressed the youngster into silence. In 2015, the truth was finally revealed by Alex and his mother.

However, there are children who have actually experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) and who presented information or events which they could not possibly have ever known at their age. Young children, unlike adults are not subject to predisposed ideas. Adults on the other hand can have a greatly cultivated imagination and consciously and unconsciously influential ideas. It is in the recounting so young children where I find a compelling argument for eternal life.

Colton Burpo was age three when he experienced his near death experience and he is now fifteen. Colton met his grandfather and a sister who had died before his birth while in Heaven. He sat on Jesus’ lap and spoke of the absolute glorified natural beauty of the heavenly realm and its environment, which I found extremely comforting. His story continues to stand the test of time and relativity as he has published two more books, Heaven Changes Everything and Heaven is For Real For Kids.

The recent release of Miracles From Heaven is yet another compelling look at a child’s experience with the divine. Annabel Beam who was eight years old at the time, and is now twelve, had since the age of five, two life threatening health issues; incurable pseudo-obstruction motility disorder and antral hypo motility disorder – life-threatening digestive disorders. She is playing high up on a tree branch when it inexplicably breaks and falls to the ground with her on it. While unconscious, she went to Heaven and visited with her grandmother and Jesus. Here again, we hear of an extremely brilliant and beautiful environment. Jesus told her she had to return because he had work for her to do back with her family. He also tells her that her life threatening health issues will be gone. That is indeed what happens and Anna is completely healed and healthy today.

A three and an eight-year-old, how could they possibly make this up! How could they possibly create in their wildest infantile imaginations, such extraordinary mature images? And what about a complete healing of an incurable health issue?

While exploring an extensively researched near death experience website, I came upon story after story of young children who either were in terrible accidents or who died while in the operating room, who returned with knowledge of long ago ancestors, played with family pets who had passed on, visited with recently passed relatives, met the Blessed Virgin Mary and had to be told by her who she was, walked in the glorified natural where nature has been brought into perfection in Heaven, talked with angelic beings (not like the winged angels we’ve artistically created here…but spirit beings filled with light) and like their adult counterparts, came back with a sense of peace and purpose.

Jesus has told us something in Sacred Scripture that is perhaps one of the most important directives we will ever have in living a faith-filled life;

And Jesus called a little child to him, set him in their midst, and said, ‘Amen I say to you, unless you turn and become like little children, you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whoever, therefore, humbles himself as this little child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of God. (Matthew 18:2-4)


Susi Pittman is founder of and Owner-President of Twin Oaks Publishing; she is author of Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know!; an advocate for the Florida Catholic Conference;
a member of the Florida Publishers Association, Independent Book Publishers Association, the National Association of Professional Women, the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States and the National Audubon society.



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