August 31, 2015: Mi,mi,mi,mi….or is it ME, ME, ME, ME!

~by Susi Pittman

One of my most favorite trips each year is traveling from Florida to the North Georgia Mountains and then on to Asheville to celebrate the colorful falling leaves and the autumn harvest. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to make that trip for one reason or another over the past three years, so it was with high hopes that I made my early reservations this year. Wrong. One of those reasons happened again.

I found myself stirring my pity-pot, rendering my normally sunny disposition into a cloudy sullenness. Oh, boo-hoo!

It was just not supposed to happen this year either. As the year moves along, it is almost a certainty that I will understand “why.” It has been so each of the past three years. So, you would think I wouldn’t break stride and just trust God, like I should.

I don’t know why I find it necessary to resist trusting God and dwelling in my limited “astuteness,” but, I do from time to time. I am so glad that God closes His eyes to my weakness!

The fact is, I am too human. As much as I want…no, yearn to rise into the bliss of leaving MY-self behind and resting in serving God, I fall into my worldly wants and find myself unhappy. That always seems to be the end result when I put myself first.

It is when I am open and willing, allowing God to be first that true joy follows. In the “joy” of heart is God served the best! It is in raising my voice, Lord, You are the Master and love eternal before All, that I once again find my center and the peace that fills all emptiness. It is when I rush back to God that I am revived and my courage is reinstalled.

If I had just one prayer for myself, it would be “to unite myself with my God constantly, intimately, so as to taste the fruit of His love and kindness constantly both here and hereafter.”

So, suffice it to say that I will once again leave the changing of the leaves upon the mountains for yet another year, as “true love” will fill my soul and make my autumn magnificent!

Autumn’s Hills

~ by Beverly J. Anderson

The hills are aflame with Autumn’s hue,

Each bush and each tree a delight,

And none but the master Artist could

Have painted this glorious sight.


Rich colors we love are everywhere.

God’s tapestry starts to unfold

In scarlet and orange, green shades, too,

And crimson that bleeds with the gold.


Majestic and proud in glory stand

The hills ‘neath October’s blue sky,

A picturesque scene in Autumn’s show

That gladdens the heart and the eye.


God’s handiwork shines in Autumn’s hills.

My soul is uplifted with praise,

For beauty and peace the hillsides lend

To each of God’s autumnal days.

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