August 24, 2015: Goodbye Summer!

~by Susi Pittman

The approach of each season stirs the positive fancies of what is to come, and its departure leaves you with a rush of memories, both good and not so good.

Goodbye to summer cookouts by the pool
Goodbye to early sunrise coffee and fresh mowed grass
Goodbye to the young cardinals born and raised in the backyard
Goodbye to cloudless days, hot sun and the smell of coconut tanning oil
Goodbye to impromptu walks that go nowhere and summer naps
Goodbye to the vacation funny faces on the Smart phone
Goodbye to fresh summer veggies from the garden
Goodbye to river tubing and that not-a-care-in–the-world feeling
Goodbye to mosquitos that swarmed me at night like locusts
Goodbye to the hot, hot heat of the midsummer sun
Goodbye to the lightning storms and their damage
Goodbye to the oppressive Florida humidity
Goodbye to the litany of car troubles
Goodbye to the injuries that plagued my daughter
Goodbye to a backed-up septic tank on a hot day
Goodbye to going to bed with daylight outside

Hello Fall! Welcome, cooler days and being able to stargaze into a crystal clear night without slapping myself silly. How I look forward to your gentle approach as your artistic mastery begins to show in the leaves of the forest. Welcome Fall! Let me embrace you with all my dreams of what I hope you to be.

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