April 30, 2014: RENEW the FACE of the EARTH

~by Susi Pittman

The Holy Father has spoken to and written about our responsibility to be good stewards of the earth by respecting and caring for creation, following in the great footsteps of St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict.

Our home, the Earth is an ever evolving planet of landscapes and developing ecologies. From primordial times, the earth’s crust has been constantly on the move. A great discovery of the 20th century was plate tectonics. Believe it or not, parts of Scandinavia, the northern British Isles and North America are still rising at a rate of between 2/5 and 40 in. (1 and 100 cm) per century. *

Everyone can agree that our climate is certainly in flux. All across the globe, record heat, record cold, record winds and record floods are changing the history books. It is indeed a time of trial and of multiple disputes as to the nature and causes of all of these changes.

There are the Northern Lights that have been numerous as our Sun sends its solar flares out into the solar system, signaling the increased activity in the solar cycle. Other planets in our solar system are heating up (i.e. the planet Mars and its polar ice caps).

We are living in a time where it is necessary that we all get involved in the nature of protective and responsible stewardship of what sustains us. God’s hand can once again draw near to the earth and quiet the chaos, but, we have to have a change of heart in our concern for the environment gifted to us, and in our love for our fellow man.

I urge you to connect with this web site and share your concerns and solutions, your stories of love and inspiration. We invite your commentaries on current subjects and we urge you to become involved in the ways only you know you can, in caring for Creation through peaceful responsibility! We would like to put up on our website a spiritual collage of your concerns, joys and suggestions.

Please email me at susi@catholicstewardsofcreation.com.

Join our Holy Father in heart, mind and spirit as we move into the new liturgical year and let us all “renew the face of the earth” starting today.

*The Earth, It’s Wonders , It’s Secrets, 1997, Toucan Books, London

Susi Pittman is founder of CatholicStewardsofCreation.com and Owner-President of Twin Oaks Publishing; she is author of Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know!; an advocate for the Florida Catholic Conference; a member of the St. Joseph’s Catholic Council of Women in Jacksonville, Florida; an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine;a member of the Florida Publishers Association, Independent Book Publishers Association, the National Association of Professional Women, the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States and the National Audubon society.

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