April 27, 2016: God continually recreates

`by Susi Pittman

Everything upon the earth, be it beast or mankind, animate or inanimate, existed from the beginning of time. In the Incarnate Word made flesh, both are and eternally shall be the way of magnifying the Creator. The whole world is created to this end. And it is in this creation, by virtue of God’s mere Thought at each new moment that God recreates the world.

This inspiration came to me last week as I rested in contemplative prayer one evening, sitting in the vegetable garden. It was one of the A-HA moments that arrives in the middle of vacant thought and settles upon the heart, begging to be written down.

We would like to think that God created the universe and then allowed it to “just be” more or less independent of Himself. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We tend to bring God down to a human level, because unlike God, during our existence in this realm we see only what could be called a Nano-second of time into eternity.

The reality is that the preservation of the world is no more than a continual creation which in itself points to a power equal to that which in the beginning created all things. God’s creation goes on every day. At each instant God is creating in the farthest reaches of the cosmos and continues to create the infinitely small upon this earth. Myriads upon myriads of His infinite Thoughts brought forth in love.

His thoughts shape the lilies of the field each summer, the wispy butterfly, the creatures that fill the earth, the new born baby. Past, present and future is everything that is made from just the Thought of God. It is God’s delight to continue to create such splendors.

Stop for a moment and look at the created world about you and meditate upon this thought for just a moment: At each new moment everything that is, IS renewed by God through the Holy Spirit. God is transcendent in that which comes from His Thought, allowing Him to create and recreate it.

The whole of creation has become and remains the holy temple of the Most High God. All things breathe God, reflect God and at all times remains part of the infinite Thought!

God who is completely invisible is also completely revealed in His creation and the natural world about us, below us and above us. You can feel it from the creatures, a flower, the sound of the ocean…in their very being, without the reason of humankind, KNOW that Thought of God to which they owe their being. I have said it before and I truly believe that ALL the natural world responds to the Creator FIRST and to humankind second.

Moment by moment and hour by hour, God recreates, sustains and generates from His Divine Thought. All is from God, ever evolving, created, recreated in His divine providence through which He guides all things to their perfected end.

I would like to end with a reflection from one of my favorite Catholic writers, Henri Nouwen who speaks to that perfect end:

Our final homecoming involves not just ourselves and our fellow human beings but all of creation. The full freedom of the children of God is to be shared by the whole earth, and our complete renewal in the resurrection includes the renewal of the universe. That is the great vision of God’s redeeming work through Christ.


Susi Pittman is founder of CatholicStewardsofCreation.com and Owner-President of Twin Oaks Publishing; she is author of Animals in Heaven? Catholics Want to Know!; an advocate for the Florida Catholic Conference;
a member of the Florida Publishers Association, Independent Book Publishers Association, the National Association of Professional Women, the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States and the National Audubon society.



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