Stewards of Creation

Creator and “created.” Celebrating creation, celebrates God! This is the true nature of our relationship with the earth and the whole of creation. God is the Creator of all things, calling all things into existence by His love, which is the ultimate cosmological celebration! Whether human or animal, vegetable or mineral, atom or nanosecond, all is the one family of creation.

God has given each one of us, not just some of us, the ministry of “stewardship” of all the earth and its creatures, not for the good of just humankind, but for the good of the entire creation family. We are to work in harmony as cooperators with God in the ongoing plan of redemption that ultimately is fulfilled at the end of time.

Returning to our own created roots is tantamount to understanding that we, too, are creatures called by name from the mind of God, endowed differently than all other living creatures, being given the “image of God.” The earth and all in it was “gifted” to humankind for care taking. This was a huge gift of God’s love that must be recognized as such. Much is expected of us because of this, as Jesus clearly reminds us in the New Testament:

But of everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required.
Luke 12:48

You are invited to seek information and opportunities on any one of the subjects listed in the sub-category pages. Keep in mind that the Holy Spirit, by the power of God, sustains all that is in existence. Be prayerful and ask the Holy Spirit to settle you in heart and mind and be open to His inspiration.

Start today to work for change in restoring our world and the gift of creation. Make a commitment to passionately involve yourself in seeking ecological and environmental harmony with the family of creation; work for animal protection and humane legislation; support a parish “Stewards of Creation” ministry; volunteer at an animal rescue center; or start a community sponsored agriculture garden for your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless and YOU are needed.

Make today the first day!

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