September 13, 2010: My Singing Partner

by Mary Galvano

I truly believe my little dog, Princess, is an angel sent by God to watch over me. Princess is my black toy poodle which I adopted 6 years ago and who my husband calls Foo Fee. With never ending unconditional love, this little dog has been with me through good times and bad times.

She never left my side when I was sick. And she even braved Hurricane Charlie with Mom and I hiding out in the closet while the storm ruined our home. Because of this storm we had to move into a little apartment that belonged to St. Francis Xavier that Father Michael generously offered to us. During that time Princess almost died. Poor little thing, she was so ill, but she pulled through. Princess is truly my best friend.

A special bond we share together is music. Yes, she can sing! Often I sing at home and she likes to sing with me. Princess has to be near me whenever I am singing, playing the piano or listening to music. She likes music! I think it is soothing to her. I remember practicing the song “Phantom of the Opera” for a show and there we were singing the song together in the living room.

Maybe Princess learned to sing from all the times I held her in my arms while I was singing in the choir loft. If only the parishioners knew. Ever since a puppy I have brought her sometimes to the choir loft. I made sure it was a time when no one else would be there, except the accompanist of course. Not once did she make a peep not even in the microphone. I felt like she knew where we were. God must love having these animals near Him. Why did He create them in the first place? Our Catholic faith believes in the blessing of the animals, which is one of our favorite days!

Princess doesn’t sing with me at church anymore, as she has gotten older she has gotten more vocal, but she does continue to sing with me at home. We still practice together and go into other pieces of music after that. So, if you might hear a tiny dog’s voice and a human voice wafting in song in the quiet of an evening, it just might be Princess and I. No need for applause, please.

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