October 25, 2010: Generosity is the Greatest Gift of All

by Mary Galvano

As the holidays are approaching we become more generous in giving to others. This time of year helps in reminding us of the needs of those less fortunate than we are. Some of us begin by sharing our own talents freely such as visiting a children’s hospital and singing Christmas songs to the children. It is such a warming feeling to give freely, but what about the other times of the year?

Often when the holidays are over we go back to our normal ways of life, but just because it isn’t Thanksgiving or Christmas doesn’t make the needs of others disappear.

I was reading an article that struck me on this subject. It pertained more to financial wealth, however, and how giving away money is the secret key to financial success. We can apply this information given to other forms of sharing wealth, although I think we can all use a little economic help these days. The article talks about when the funds are low the tendency is to be less generous, more selfish, and the fear begins to feed on itself, making you less open to possibilities. When you are less afraid, you are more generous and it is in giving that great wealth and happiness begins.

Taking this a step further, we all know wealth comes in many forms and not just in the form of money; it is the gifts and talents God has given us. By sharing or giving away the wealth God has graced us with we become even wealthier. It is just like the Bible story tells us about using our talents, if we hide our talents we lose them, if we share them they multiply. The Prayer of St. Francis says it well, “It is in giving of ourselves that we receive.” Take time to read that prayer this week, its message is truly one to live by. The gift of love, the touch of a human hand or even a simple smile can bring to someone much happiness and comfort. There are so many people that long for these simple little gestures everyday more than anything else in the world. We are the light of the world and we need to keep giving our gifts of light all year round. Give, give, give and watch your wealth multiply.


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