October 11, 2010: Speak Up!

by Mary Galvano

This past weekend was the Pro-Life Mission in Jacksonville led by Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, who frequently may be seen on EWTN. I had the honor the first evening of the mission to sing my pro-life song, ‘Precious Gift, Little Miracle.’ The song took on a deeper meaning after hearing what Father Pavone had to say.

We hear the stories over and over of women taking the life of a baby but then we go about our daily lives and forget them. Father reminded us with stories that really touched hearts such as a woman crying in the pouring rain after her procedure and other tragic endings. The stories weren’t so much about what happened to the babies, but rather about the lives of these women and how abortion affected them. It is with these same women that many babies’ lives will be saved in the future.

God has great mercy! He forgives and He does forgive these women that are truly sorry for what they have done. With this forgiveness comes healing. The media has told us that we need to listen to the drone of women having a choice, but what has happened is backfiring. Women are speaking out about their choice, but it is not what media expected. They are sharing the sad and life changing consequences and what has happened to them because of choosing to take the life of their unborn child. There is hope for the unborn through the suffering of these women and these women need our prayers to continue to speak up. This is where their real healing will take place.

We must not lie down. We must continue to stand up for justice in all forms. This can be accomplished in many ways: rosaries, prayers, fasting, dedicated Masses, and more. Summing up words from Father Frank Pavone:

God uses us to get things done but it doesn’t happen by lying on our couches. We must run, run towards the battle! Even when the bread and wine are consecrated He doesn’t do it alone but through a priest. Live each day to the fullest, don’t waste time for we do not know the time or day when God will come back.

May God continue to bless us all.


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