November 22, 2010: A Foundation to Stand On

~by Mary Galvano

Celebrities, especially Hollywood celebrities, are role models for many here in America and abroad. Young people in particular look up to famous people living the glamorous life, dreaming to be one of them.

I, too, trained at a young age to become a famous touring professional in golf and although I worked very hard at it, God had a different path for me. My purpose to become a champion athlete was not just to help open doors for opportunities but, also to be a good example for others.

We should always have a mission statement of why we want to do or become something. Ask yourself, “What is my purpose?”

To form purpose to our lives we must start with a good foundation. This foundation is important because if things don’t work out the way we want, we know we’ll be okay. We know God has a bigger plan and there is more to life than our own agenda. God’s foundation keeps us glued together.

So often when things do go our way and we start reaching the top in our profession, there is a tendency to forget from where they came. This reminds me of a song by Vince Gil called the “The Key”. The lyrics talk about the singer’s life as he grows up to become a country music star. In one part of the song he quotes his father saying, “It’s all for nothing if you don’t stay the same.” Meaning, no matter how important we become we need to remember who we really are in God’s eyes. We are still His servants. All the fame and fortune in the world cannot make one happy. True happiness comes from God alone.

From an early age, we need this truth to stand on as a strong foundation . Especially today, children need to have this foundation of Jesus and it needs to start much sooner than later. This is where true happiness is born. Even the healthiest people can still be sick. With the entire craze about eating healthy, you see this on many television shows, people are still sick and unhappy. That is because they are forgetting the most important part of their human body that needs to be taken care of is the soul.

We need God to be truly happy. Start building your foundation today on Jesus and share it with others. The world will be a better, healthier and a happier place for it.


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