November 15, 2010: The Seasons Have a Reason

by Mary Galvano

“As the wheel of days turns into darkness, it reveals the light and hope of spring.”

~ Loreena McKennitt, from her Christmas album

I love this quote as it reminds us that the cold, dark winter will eventually turn into a warm, bright spring. It may be a little early to talk about Christmas, we still haven’t had Thanksgiving yet, but these colder days inspired me to do so. Hopefully, they will inspire all of you as Advent approaches.

The seasons have always been a mystery, and we mere mortals are fascinated by them and driven to understand our connections to them, as we try to discover the spiritual and religious significance of it all. God has a reason for all the seasons and I believe they do have meaning.

I like to think of the spring that reveals light and hope as Easter with the rising of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We go into darkness to eventually walk in the light of Eternal Life. The birth of Christ gives us a glimpse of that Light that visits us here on Earth while the nations during Christ’s time on Earth try to burn it out. But, succeed they do not. Through all the trials and tribulations the Lord had, eventually leading to the crucifixion, the death of Christ only makes the Light of the world conquer the darkness forever!

Over the centuries, music has played a great role in giving us reflections of the changing seasons and all the happenings that come with them. I love this time of year and its music! As we start hearing more songs of the Advent and Christmas season try to listen closely to the lyrics of the music and let them take you away to a place a long time ago when the Light of the World came upon us as our guest.

May the spirit of love and joy in Christ be yours.


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