November 1, 2010: An All Saint’s Day Remembrance

by Mary Galvano

This morning, All Saints Day, is my late father’s birthday. He was born on All Saints Day and was born into eternal life on Holy Thursday. These are two very special days for Dad in which to be associated and which also give great meaning to the Galvano family. My father’s birthday wasn’t just a birthday but, a celebration combined with All Saints Day. It is a holy day and because of this we associated Dad with being a saint, too.

This day is such a great reminder of God’s mercy, that we made it an exciting celebration. As a tradition for All Hallows Eve my brothers, my sister and I would put up (I still do), ghosts made out of Kleenex. We would draw faces on each one with a marker in resemblance of each member of the family. We would then hang them from the chandelier that hung over the dining room table. Early in the morning on November 1st the tissue ghosts would receive wings, and although the wings were made out of tin foil, to us they truly were now heavenly! The meaning was just as significant. In the center of the table was a silver platter full of goodies and a beautiful breakfast was spread before us. We would wait for Dad to wake up so we could sing happy birthday and say prayers to honor all the saints in heaven.

We never really focused on Halloween. We always focused more on the day after and how lost souls will be washed in the blood of Christ to become a part of a community of saints. All Saints Day reminded us of our real goal in life and that is to get to heaven. We felt we had others there in our home too, and not just the Galvano family… we had saints among us. The saints are always among us.

Today, as a family, we still remember our traditions of All Saints Day and Dad’s birthday. We know in our hearts that he is in a better place and we truly feel he is a saint. The only tragedy with saintly people passing from this life is not being able to join them some day in heaven with all the other saints.

This is our true goal. To join them!

A good priest once said, “There is only a thin veil between the living and the dead.” The saints and our loved ones are close by 24/7. We only have to ask for help from the saints and they will help. The fruit of the saints are in communion with us every time we go to Mass. They are there to help us always through anything, especially in our getting to heaven.

We have to believe in asking.

Heaven… don’t miss it for the world!


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