March 7, 2011: God Speaks Loudest in Silence

~ by Mary Galvano

Does God speak with a loud voice or in silence? When we see a small child running into danger we most likely will shout as loud as possible to stop the child from running any further, yet to comfort the child most likely we would speak softly, caressing him to put him at ease. The truth is God speaks with both voices, but when God’s word comes to us in the silence it is more efficient in changing out hearts.

At Mass we see both silence and sound being used. From the beginning of Mass and throughout we use ringing bells, singing and speaking, but then we need to spend time in silence in order to reflect on scriptures and the Holy Eucharist.

Jesus' face in a field as seen by Google Earth

Lent is a special time to be more silent. It is a time of change for each of us, as the song ‘Change Our Hearts’ says, “Change our hearts, this time, Your word says it can be.” We hear God speak loudest in silence. It is important for us to spend time each day in this lovely silence if we are to grow spiritually. But how can we get away from all the noise in the world, especially with all the communication devices? No wonder everyone is so lost. We can’t hear God’s voice!

In the morning when the sun rises and nature is waking up in the quiet allow the day to begin with the singing of the birds rather than the noise of the T.V. or radio. As we walk this Lenten journey together into Easter, let us all take time each day to be silent; even if is only for five minutes. Listen to God speak to you. He loves you and wants to be to you your loving Father.

Congratulations Sr. Marie Rene on your 60 years of service as a Sister of St. Joseph and in serving our lord, Jesus Christ!


Mary Galvano-Bajohr is a singer/songwriter, LPGA golf instructor, speaker and author. On the golf course she is a dedicated professional, but go to a Yankee game, a Pro-life event or other venue and you just might see her step up to the microphone and sing the National Anthem or the Ave Maria.

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