July 16, 2012: Dependence on God

~ by Mary Galvano

It is amazing to think that human beings, at birth are one of the most helpless creatures on the face of the planet. They are dependent on another human being for everything they need like food, shelter, and clothing. Most animals when born learn to walk on their own; a human baby has to develop first and be taught by another human being, just like most of his survival skills.

This helplessness serves a purpose. It reminds us of our dependence on God. We are in need of God and others. When the apostles were told to go preach the good news they were told not to bring anything with them. They brought no food, clothing or money and accepted whoever welcomed them. When offered a place to stay they didn’t go looking around to see if they could find something more comfortable, they accepted the gift they were given and were satisfied. They were dependent on others and knew to be thankful for whatever God gave them. We must be the same.

We all are where God wants us. He has here at this time in the place we are for a reason. God knows we are forever dependent on Him for everything and for that matter, will give us exactly what we need, nothing less, nothing more. We need to be satisfied knowing we don’t need anything more in life than God.

One way we do this is to realize God’s will is more important than our own will. He can do more with us than our limited plans. We might think we are being held back because God is calling us in a different direction, but He is only making our lives richer. He is doing more with our lives than we could ever imagine.

Realize your dependence on God and you will be free. Free to be the person you are truly meant to be. Ask God to help you to accept His will and be satisfied.

God be with you.


Mary Galvano-Bajohr is a singer/songwriter, LPGA golf instructor, speaker and author. On the golf course she is a dedicated professional, but go to a Yankee game, a Pro-life event or other venue and you just might see her step up to the microphone and sing the National Anthem or the Ave Maria.

Visit Mary’s website at www.marygalvano.com.

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