January 30, 2013: Family is the Unit of Society

~ by Mary Galvano

Today, more than ever the sacredness of family is being attacked and redefined. God creates family, not man, and He made it in its perfect form. Our society cannot function properly without it! As the American philosopher Ruth Nanda Anshen says, “Even as the cell is the unit of the organic body, so the family is the unit of society.”

With television shows like the “New Normal” our society is falling farther away from the truth. Creation is being tampered with to suite the way the secular world wants to live. This is not what God, the Master of creation, intended. Our culture truly believes this “new normal” is the way to a better world, again this is far from the truth.

What is the truth? The truth is Jesus, of course. Christians have come a long way through many persecutions because the Church will not bend its ways to anybody else but God. As the world changes God remains the same, and so must we. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Amen!

There is hope! Prayer has the power to change anything. Our world is not praying enough. Preaching all you want won’t make someone believe differently than you do. The change needed can only come from our Father in heaven. Our devotion to prayer is the greatest weapon in the universe! However, being a good example is the best kind of preaching we can do.

I would like to leave you with this beautiful prayer for family. Please, pray it often for it is the family that can bring healing and peace to our world, and most importantly bring us all back to God.

“Great protector of the family, St. Gerard, we ask your prayers for all parents, that they may receive the grace to live in the love of God and bring up their children to know and love him with all their hearts.

We ask you to pray that those who take the lives of unborn innocents and attack the dignity of motherhood may come to see the error of their ways, and that all men may value the holiness of Christian family life.

God, our loving Father, your love gives life to the world. Bless and make holy all human love, especially the life-giving love of husband and wife. May your love fill the hearts and homes of all families, so that the world may enjoy the peace and happiness promised by your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.”



Mary Galvano-Bajohr is a singer/songwriter, LPGA golf instructor, speaker and author. On the golf course she is a dedicated professional, but go to a Yankee game, a Pro-life event or other venue and you just might see her step up to the microphone and sing the National Anthem or the Ave Maria.

Visit Mary’s website at www.marygalvano.com.

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