January 23, 2013: Saved By Love

~ by Mary Galvano

When a rescue dog came into a family’s lives, they thought they were saving this dog’s life, but instead the dog saved theirs.

Sugar, was a rescue dog that came to a loving family at about four years old in the year of 2004, the year Hurricane Charley hit SW Florida. Except Sugar’s hurricane didn’t come from the sky, it came from the life she endured before her new family.

Sugar was seen by chance by a man driving on his way to work. While passing by one particular morning, he noticed a man in a yard punching and kicking this poor little dog and at one point he even threw her. The man passing stopped and told the abuser that if he ever saw him do that again he would take the dog away from him. Well, sure enough, it did happen again. With that the good man kept to his word. Having to use necessary force, he successfully took the dog away from her harmful owner. The only dilemma now was where would this dog go?

The rescuer had to take her to work where my sister-in-law was the manager and when he told her what had happened she made a phone call to my brother about adopting the helpless little dog. That day the dog came into the life of a loving family, and in return a silent thank you was given by the unconditional love she gave back. Her new loving family named her Sugar and from then on she was a part of our family.

The dog’s troubles were not over though. Through the neglect of her previous owner Sugar had health issues. She suffered a broken rib from being beaten and she had heartworms. When taken to the Veterinarian she was put on medication to get rid of the heartworms that forced the worms to pass through her lungs. The possibility of death was high. Sugar was a tough dog, though, and by the grace of God and lots prayers, she survived.

Another time my sister-in-law had a dream of Sugar telling her to take the dog to the doctor. The next day she brought Sugar in to be looked at by the Veterinarian. Thank God she did because Sugar had an infection in her uterus. Again, by God’s grace she survived yet another trial.

Sugar’s new life was full of joy, both in giving and in receiving. She brought us many smiles with her overly affectionate personality. She had to always be next to someone, no matter where or who you were. I remember sitting on the couch in their home and Sugar would come to lie right on top of my lap upside down showing me her tummy. She loved playing with my dog, Princess. And the funniest thing is that this little dog could chase down my one brother’s huge English Lab with no problem if he got out of hand. Around and around they would go in the house. She had no fear!

She could sense family members coming home from over 300 yards away. She would quickly run to the door to give them her warm greetings. Sugar was also independent. When she was on a mission there was no stopping her. Over the phone, I used to hear my brother calling her name as she was running in the opposite direction of him. She would stop to look back for a few seconds and then zoom she was off again! It gave us both a good laugh. I think Sugar knew it did, too.

In the evenings, my brother’s family would take a walk with Sugar while saying the Rosary. They did a lot of praying together. However, during the last days of Sugar’s life their prayers turned in a different direction. Sugar was starting to slip from them and was suffering. They prayed to God to take her because she was suffering so much. And then one night their prayers were answered.

Every night Sugar liked sleeping under the bed, but one particular night she came out from underneath it. The family sensed her time was near, and at around midnight the family gathered around and Sugar breathed her last breath. They lost part of their family that night, a family member for over 10 years. She will be missed, but we know God loved this little dog more than we could ever love her. He created her, and she is good. This dog in particular was like an angel that helped my brother’s family through some hard times, as most of us can relate with our own pets.

Animals come to us in many ways and when they do come into our lives they serve an important purpose. Saint Francis knew this all too well when he preached to the animals in the forest. They, too, are in need of God and we share with them the same Father. They are not put here on Earth by accident rather they are each carefully planned. We have to trust God will take care of them when they leave us from this world, just as He put His trust in us to take care of them here on Earth. God is love and His love is tremendously great for all His creations!

Through Sugar’s life many blessings and graces were poured out on a family because of the unselfish love they gave to an innocent, hurting animal. We can be assured that God sees everything! He sees how we treat the least of His creations. Thank you God for Sugar and for the joy she brought to the lives of our family. Thank God for the family chosen to be a part of her life.

God bless all of creation…


Mary Galvano-Bajohr is a singer/songwriter, LPGA golf instructor, speaker and author. On the golf course she is a dedicated professional, but go to a Yankee game, a Pro-life event or other venue and you just might see her step up to the microphone and sing the National Anthem or the Ave Maria.

Visit Mary’s website at www.marygalvano.com.

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