January 23, 2012: Painted Rocks

~ by Mary Galvano

My mother decided to take a side road for a shortcut on her return home one day. Little did she know that it would lead to a surprise visit.

As she was driving past this one house, she noticed a little girl sitting at a table in her front yard with two sand buckets and a piece of notebook paper which she held up. Although, barely visible from the street, the sign read, “Rocks for Sale.” Mom kept driving but, was mesmerized by the girl’s eyes as they followed her and decided to go back.

“What are you selling?” Mom asked the little girl.

“Painted rocks!” she exclaimed. ”I painted them myself.”

Mom then asked, “How much are they?”

“50-cents a piece.” The little girl responded.

Mom decided to buy two of them, but then went on to ask how she should use them. The little girl without hesitation said to put them on a table and look at them.

The child’s mother was watching from nearby and smiled. After the transaction took place my mother said to the little girl, “I have one question for you. Who is our true rock?” The little girl thought hard and then as Mom whispered the answer, she said out loud, “Jesus!”

It is amazing that through the eyes of a child something as simple as a rock became important and beautiful. We look at the sky and its scenery and think of the glory of God but, do we think about the little things like the rocks lying around outside our homes as being just as glorious? They too give glory to God. They are beautifully made.

This little girl saw that and decided to paint them. They are, after all, the description of Jesus. He is our Rock. And what about, Peter? Jesus said, “You are Peter the Rock, and upon this rock I will build my church.” Yes, indeed, even the rocks give God glory.

Jesus is our rock and salvation. When we are standing on sinking sand and the storms are rough, we need only to cling to the Rock and He will hold us up. We can depend on Him and build our foundation upon Him. We can manage to get through anything with the help of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the Church’s one foundation.

The next time you see a simple rock, remember this rock gives God glory and is important enough to use as a description for God. Also, remember, to be like children seeing beauty in the simplest things.

Mary Galvano-Bajohr is a singer/songwriter, LPGA golf instructor, speaker and author. On the golf course she is a dedicated professional, but go to a Yankee game, a Pro-life event or other venue and you just might see her step up to the microphone and sing the National Anthem or the Ave Maria.

Visit Mary’s website at www.marygalvano.com.

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