April 17, 2013: Communion of Life

~by Father Ron Camarda

A friend of mine gave me a book for my 40th birthday. I happened to dig it out of one of my boxes by accident. It is called Communion of Life: Meditations for the New Millennium by Chris Glaser, Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville, Kentucky, 1999. The book follows 48 days of meditations divided into 12 cycles. Each cycle includes 4 days of meditations rotating on earth, air, water and fire. Each meditation has a gorgeous picture from National Geographic referring to the meditation poem that Chris Glaser mystically created.

Chris Glaser writes in the preface:

“Poetry may be the language and scripture of the “secular” mystic. Of course, there is not such a thing as a secular mystic, but I use this phrase to suggest those who seek the holy outside the parameters of organized religion. These meditations became poetic in their writing. Both poetry and meditation anticipate the thoughtful pause—the attentiveness needed in the spiritual life. The reader may be tempted to read through these pages quickly, possibly in one sitting. Yet, unlike much other reading material, the meditations that follow are not intended for information, but illumination. As with all readings for the spirit, they serve better when taken one day or one reflection period at a time, reading slowly, possibly aloud, breathing deeply, allowing the words, a phrase at a time, to descend with the mind into the heart in a quiet state of rest, thus enabling feelings and thoughts to brew within the depths of the soul and emerge as aromas of a slowly cooked spiritual feast. A single phrase may become your mantra for your meditation or your day. “

As Catholic Stewards of Creation, I thought I would attempt to write four short pictures to celebrate earth, air, water, and fire. My hope is that you and I might be able to be a touch more mystic in a world that cannot possibly survive without earth, air, water or fire.

Earth, air, water and fire
All are in balance
All are in need of each other
Earth, air, water and fire
Must come together for life to exist
If the wind leaves us…we die
Without gravity caused by earth…we have no form
Water flowing through our bodies keeps us smaller than the Dead Sea…but much more alive
Without fire in our heart and soul there is no energy or heat to melt the frozen.
Earth, air, water and fire
Jesus sent to the earth…body
Jesus made known through the air…a sound…”This is my beloved son…
…well pleased, well pleased.”
Jesus baptized with water
Jesus in a whisper…I thirst…when water runs out…no life
Jesus inflamed in passionate love…
Baptizes in the fire of the Holy Spirit!

Have a blessed week in God’s wonderful gifts of earth, air, water and fire!

Love, joy, peace,

Father Ron Moses +


Father Ron Camarda is a retired Naval Chaplain and author of “Tear in the Desert,” a powerful book containing his memoirs of life and death at the Battle for Fallujah. Father Ron appears on EWTN and recently won the Silver Medal from the Military Writers Society of America.

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