September 20, 2017: Unity of the Holy Spirit

~by Louis Templeman

The unity of the Holy Spirit. This is an oft-used phrase in the liturgy: It covers first the love, strength and focus of God the Father and God the Son. A prayer is this morning’s office (Magnificat, Oct 7, 2016, pg. 100) is “. . . through the intercession of the Mother of your son our Lord Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. Amen.” This phrase is used in the Daily Office regularly and is always in the Mass.

After I read this, I decided to consider this common phrase – so common, it can be like white noise in our prayer. The first meditation was of family. This is appropriate, for the Holy Trinity is nothing if not family, a community of love. We who are children of God – and the Spirit’s intention is all who breathe, or have breathed be his children – must trust that we, too, enjoy this unity. Unity means no exclusion. As a child at a pick-up ball game, I remember that two players would, as default captains, pick sides. Sometimes I would not be picked. There would be too many players who were better than I. So, I was not included, not affirmed; left out of the camaraderie, the experience of team effort. Such as this is never part of the unity of the Spirit.

In this unity, there is a pure, confident inclusion. There is a part to play that is specific for each one to play. “There is no failure. There’s no not-living-up to expectations. On God’s cruise ship, no one is swept over the side. On his playing field, there is no expulsion from the game and always room on the roster. When exhausted from traveling, you are never met with a “No Vacancy” sign.

This family is held in everlasting hands. This unity is held together by the Holy Spirit, the force that created all that is. The love that exists forever in strength and static free communication and life-giving, life-affirming love. Today, on the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary, we live in confident hope that God will “draw us ever closer to (God) through the intercession of the Mother of God’s Son.”

And, of course, God’s Son dwells forever with the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit. As, do we.


Louis writes from Jacksonville, Florida where he lives with his old friend and wonderful bride, Joy. They transformed their friendship into the sacrament of marriage on August 30, 2012. They share their home with two self-absorbed, playful, twin cats (Flo and Jet) and one very allusive and arrogant cat named D. Louis has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and is fighting the good fight. Much of what he writes these days he is sharing his journey with us. Please keep Louis and his wife Joy in your prayers.

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