August 31, 2014: Hope and Freedom

~by Louis Templeman

When I am full of hope I do not berate myself that I am not clever or strong. I let go my cleverness, my abilities, my scheming or planning or reactions to perceived threats to my comfort. I am released from past success as well as failure. I am released from the past that parades as prophesy. In hope I am scrubbed clean and left with shining newness of the present. Not necessarily that the present is new but that it is set free from an aging sclerosis of thought into an always-is moment. An eternal now.

Hope cleanses. Now I am clean. Now I am without fear. This is different from being fearless. Fearlessness is a quality – perhaps a virtue. Fearlessness is an attitude and requires effort. To be without fear is to be washed, naked and unashamed, fed and cared for. All this is hope. It comes when you are fully convinced that God loves you and cares for you – even if just for the moment.

When I am hopeful I am open to time and events as they unfold. Open without fear. Nothing is required of me. I am hopeful or full of hope. I do not have to be strong or clever. I am content to do nothing. Or free to take on a challenge. Hope has energized the present and cleansed me of fear that anything other than God’s love makes me OK.

Louis writes from Jacksonville, Florida where he lives with his old friend and wonderful bride, Joy. They transformed their friendship into the sacrament of marriage on August 30, 2012. They share their home with two self-absorbed, playful, twin cats (Flo and Jet) and one very allusive and arrogant cat named D.

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