September 18, 2013: A Holy Invitation

~ by Sr. Marie Rene, S.S.J.

My Dear Family,

Our best friend is Jesus who listens to us when we are lonely, happy, grieving, angry, disappointed, let down or thankful. Jesus invites us to come and talk to Him so that we can be healed. Jesus keeps our secrets and always gives us His time. We are given life and a promise to everlasting life in Heaven. It is a wasted life to put aside what Jesus asks of us…that is to know, love, serve and follow Him to Eternal Life with God.

You are ever in my prayers,

Sister Rene


Sister Marie Rene, is a Sister of St. Joseph in St. Augustine, Florida and is the Prayer Director for the Sisters of Life. She has devoted her life in service to Catholic Schools as principal and teacher, to the sick and dying in the Diocese of St. Augustine and to the needy in various outreach ministries. Sister Rene worked in ministry to the men of Our Lady of Hope Farm for eight years. Sister has also worked with Sister Mary Albert, SSJ, the great historian “archivist” for five years.

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