November 6, 2013: Doing Good

~ by Sr. Marie Rene, S.S.J.

“Jesus went about doing good.”

When I read or hear these words, I ask myself, what am I doing as I go about?

When I am in a store, I see people sometimes pushing and shoving their way about and I say a prayer for the presence of kindness.

When I am walking up or down stairs, I thank God that I can walk instead of complaining about having to do so.

Whenever I am in a conversation with a group I try to be cognizant, am I listening rather than monopolizing the conversation? Listening by far is much more advantageous.

My life is happier because I work on listening to God every day through the little moments as well as the big.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Sister Marie Rene


Sister Marie Rene, is a Sister of St. Joseph in St. Augustine, Florida and is the Prayer Director for the Sisters of Life. She has devoted her life in service to Catholic Schools as principal and teacher, to the sick and dying in the Diocese of St. Augustine and to the needy in various outreach ministries. Sister Rene worked in ministry to the men of Our Lady of Hope Farm for eight years. Sister has also worked with Sister Mary Albert, SSJ, the great historian “archivist” for five years.

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