May 8, 2013: Rejoice in Her Love and Presence!

~ by Sr. Marie Rene, S.S.J.

Dear Friends,

Each year, when the month of May comes, I am filled with joy! It is because May is the month of Our Lady. Actually, I feel like every day is Our Lady’s day.

I have been asked may times, why the Lebanese people are so devoted to the Blessed Mother?

The best answer perhaps, lies in the book on the life of St. Charbel, a Lebanese Maronite monk and priest. Father Paul Daher authored the book, and in a footnote he maintains that;

  • The Holy Virgin is Queen, Patroness and Defender of the Maronite people who have named her in their litanies, ‘Mystical Rose’ and ‘Cedar of Lebanon.’ No Lebanese home can be found without some picture or icon of her. The family group honors her presence. Many churches and monasteries are dedicated to her. Lebanon is the only country in the world to have deserved, by merit of its beauty and charm, this comparison to the most radiant of creatures.

Being a daughter of Lebanese parents, I deeply love Our Lady and will pray to her for all of you.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Sister Rene


Sister Marie Rene, is a Sister of St. Joseph in St. Augustine, Florida and is the Prayer Director for the Sisters of Life. She has devoted her life in service to Catholic Schools as principal and teacher, to the sick and dying in the Diocese of St. Augustine and to the needy in various outreach ministries. Sister Rene worked in ministry to the men of Our Lady of Hope Farm for eight years. Sister has also worked with Sister Mary Albert, SSJ, the great historian “archivist” for five years.

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