May 1, 2013: Jesus is With Us, Always

~ by Sr. Marie Rene, S.S.J.

Before ascending into heaven Jesus said “I am going to prepare a place for you!”

As a child I felt so sad that Jesus left us and went to heaven. My wise mother sat with me and explained what the church teaches telling me, “Jesus did not leave us, that is, why he instituted the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.”

He is with us in the Tabernacles of the world waiting for us to receive Him in Holy Communion and to visit Him. My mother went on to explain that some people may not be able to receive Him in Holy Communion but the desire to receive Our Dear Lord brings Him to us.

Jesus longs for us and loves us more than we can love ourselves.

Let us each day draw closer to Him, love Him, thank Him and spread the Good News about Him. Jesus is our dearest and best friend. How beautiful it is that He Himself will prepare a place for us!


Sister Marie Rene, is a Sister of St. Joseph in St. Augustine, Florida and is the Prayer Director for the Sisters of Life. She has devoted her life in service to Catholic Schools as principal and teacher, to the sick and dying in the Diocese of St. Augustine and to the needy in various outreach ministries. Sister Rene worked in ministry to the men of Our Lady of Hope Farm for eight years. Sister has also worked with Sister Mary Albert, SSJ, the great historian “archivist” for five years.

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