April 11, 2011: Ludi, The Loggerhead Turtle

~by Rick Cannizzaro

We congratulate Rick on his new children’s book. Ludi is a marvelous little turtle that shares the circle of life through a sea turtle’s eyes and teaches us all about the providential care of God for all creatures.

Please visit Rick’s store to purchase this book for your child’s Easter basket. It is for Pre-school and Kindergarten-aged children.


Rick Cannizzaro has established himself in many art mediums including Oil Pastels and Acrylics. He was juried into the prestigious “Oil Pastel Association” in 1994 and he has caught the attention of national publishers. Rick’s artistic design abilities have been commissioned to design TV studio sets for PBS and the DIY network.

You can visit Rick’s website at www.rickcannizzaro.com

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