October 28, 2015: The Flame

~by Paula Veloso Babadi

Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

~Psalm 119:105~

God’s word lights our path; in my book, that’s a given. I also believe God bears his light to us through others. They come heeding the call of the Holy Spirit to be in the right place at the right time. We all know people who are beacons – radiating goodness, kindness, and love – most of the time without ever being aware of the glow. Sometimes, we are the steadying signal, but I never forget who is at the origin.

One of my favorite hymns during Holy Communion confirms “We are many parts, we are all one body. And the gifts we have, we are given to share. May the Spirit of love, make us one indeed…” (Marty Haugen) These words echoed at Masses in beautiful song remind me of our connection with each other and with our creator and redeemer. At the source, it is the divine heart that teaches us, calls us and shows us that we are one in him. His flame ignites the entire body and reaches across the expanse; an assurance of safe harbor and constant love. We have lighthouses and beacons and the body of Christ to help us get home.

The Flame

~ Paula Veloso Babadi

A light shines through the misty haze

of yellow morning

brushing gentle blue,

as weary travelers

turn their bow to seek its birth

while children dance beneath its beam.


In heat of day,

lost to the morning sun,

a light burns

yet unborn to fishermen

and urchins in the market place.


When sunset flaunts her glowing embers

there moves a paler glow

to which the dreamers look


poets wonder that fiery sunsets

bow to the twinkle of a roving star.


In reckless night

through haunting shadows

cast by a silver moon,

there pierces strong and sure

a yellow wand that splits the dark in two.

And should a weary sailor follow home

that lightning rod

he would find only

a simple lantern lit by the fire

of burning love.


Paula Veloso Babadi has worked in the health care industry for over thirty five years, but her true passion is poetry. She is a member of the St. John’s Chapter of the national Catholic Writers Guild and a regular contributor to the St. Joseph’sReflections Newspaper. Growing up in England and Pensacola with her Filipino and British parents and marrying into her Iranian family, she now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, daughter and nearby three grown sons and grandchildren.


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