November 24, 2014: Sweet Light

~by Paula Veloso Babadi

After forty years of marriage – blissful blue skies, thunderous storms and haphazard hurricanes, I have come to a place of peace and rest in the magical twilight that photographers call “sweet.” With all the ups and downs that inevitably occur in such a long relationship, it is a wonderful realization that my husband and I can share our golden years in this “blue hour.”

I am reminded of Jeff Silbar and Larry Henley’s song popularized by the likes of Bette Midler and Celene Dion, “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and I am content. God created night and day, each with its own wonders. It’s OK to be in the shadow of night, because inevitably, the two are joined as one, and that is enough for me.

Sweet Light

No shadows here when light is
“L’Heure Bleue” to artist eyes
or “sweet” to camera canvas.
One side of earth
basks in your sunlight
while I rest shadowed
on the other side.
You are brilliant day -
burning, tumultuous, blinding, busy, wide awake.
I am subdued night -
serene, quiescent, muted, dreaming, slumbering.
You own most phases of the earth’s turning and
your searing light often blinds onlookers
to the pale beauty behind your blaze.
My light reflects gently on the quiet side of town where,
when you’re gone, the stars become visible.
Our co-existence is casually questionable
and yet, for all our differences,
we twice share Twilight
when earth succumbs to neither night nor day.
In the blue hour of this sweet light, we are one.
It is enough for me.


Paula Veloso Babadi has worked in the health care industry for over thirty five years, but her true passion is poetry. She is a member of the St. John’s Chapter of the national Catholic Writers Guild and a regular contributor to the St. Joseph’sReflections Newspaper. Growing up in England and Pensacola with her Filipino and British parents and marrying into her Iranian family, she now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, daughter and nearby three grown sons and grandchildren.

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