July 16, 2014: About Rainbows

~by Paula Veloso Babadi

God sends us rainbows after the storm. They are a sign of hope and promise, a part of God’s creation that remind us that the darkness passes, the thunder fades away and beauty and calm are restored.

When I was a young mother, I lost my patience after a long day at work and admonished my two year old son to quit hanging on my leg until I could change out of my work clothes. My sharp words wounded him, and immediately, I regretted my tone of voice. He was only showing me that he loved and missed me. The whole incident hurt me just as much as it affected him. And I couldn’t shake the wound in my being until I understood the hope and promise of the rainbow and penned this poem.

About Rainbows

Your tiny lip quivers
like a fragile leaf
insulted by the weight of a raindrop;
until the tears come –
violently and uncontrolled
like the storm’s torrent.
If only you could hear me
through the thunder of your cry –
I could tell you that I know;
that the sharp flick of lightening goes fast away;
that I am sorry my cloud
happened to rain on you.
Instead, my arms reach out –
their friendly sky enfolding you.
And I thank God
that sunshine’s warmth can melt away
the bitterness of words spat out
like hard, cold rain.
Your lip blossoms into a flower-smile,
(but my heart aches over all the storms
you will ever know)
and I just hold you closer
to tell you about rainbows.


Paula Veloso Babadi has worked in the health care industry for over thirty five years, but her true passion is poetry. She is a member of the St. John’s Chapter of the national Catholic Writers Guild and a regular contributor to the St. Joseph’sReflections Newspaper. Growing up in England and Pensacola with her Filipino and British parents and marrying into her Iranian family, she now lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, daughter and nearby three grown sons and grandchildren.

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