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Teach us to discover the worth of each thing, to be filled with awe and contemplation, to recognize that we are profoundly united with every creature as we journey towards your infinite light.

~Pope Francis~


Did you hear?

THAT…Baltimore’s National Aquarium announced plans Tuesday morning to move its colony of dolphins from its amphitheater pool to the nation’s first oceanside dolphin sanctuary. The decision comes after years of protests by animal activists and others who consider it inhumane to keep such large, intelligent animals as performers in captivity The aquarium said it has spent five years weighing options for the animals, which scientists believe display an advanced intellect compared with other species and can’t fully thrive outside their natural habitats, where they form social groups and can swim great distances.


Good News


Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. Today, Farm Sanctuary is the nation’s largest and most effective farm animal rescue and protection organization. We have rescued thousands of animals and cared for them at our sanctuaries in Watkins Glen, New York; Northern California (Orland); and the Los Angeles area. At Farm Sanctuary, these animals are our friends, not our food. We educate millions of people about their plight and the effects of factory farming on our health and environment. We advocate for laws and policies to prevent suffering and promote compassion, and we reach out to legislators and businesses to bring about institutional reforms.


In the News

Chihuahua rescued from garbage truck by crew

He was about the last thing that the crew at Montgomery County’s Recycling Center was expecting to find at the end of the route, but somehow, a chihuahua survived and now has a new home.

On Monday morning, a packing truck dumped something unusual on the sorting line at Montgomery County’s Recycling Center — a chihuahua. Center Manager Mark Wheeler couldn’t believe he survived the trip.


Picture of the Week

Ghost crabs dig deep burrows near the intertidal zone of open sandy beaches. The burrows are usually composed of a long shaft with a chamber at the end, occasionally with a second entrance shaft. They are semi-terrestrial and breathe oxygen from the air through moistened gills.. Ghost crabs are swift runners, darting away at the slightest sign of danger. They either head back to their burrows or plunge into the sea to escape intruders. Ghost crabs also have the ability to change colors to match their surroundings by adjusting the concentration and dispersal of pigments within their chromatophores.

Ask Susi

Q: My parish priest told me that “we (meaning the Catholic Church) do not believe that animals go to heaven, because they have no souls.” But, my heart and faith in Jesus tells me otherwise. Is what he said true?

A: This is perhaps the most epic question I am asked, in numerous and varying contexts. Countless books and articles have been given over to the question of animals in heaven and there is the long and short of it, depending on where you really want to go. So, I will answer the initial question, and follow it with an abridged explanation for the positive.


Susi Weekly Column


~by Susi Pittman

Grayson was my “computer kitty.” He shadowed me in my office every time I would sit at the computer to work. There’s nothing like the view of rolling hills and trees, and soft fur to pet in getting a writing job done!


Catholic Journeyman

The Church, You Gotta Love It

~by Louis Templeman

Jesus promised us that the gates of Hell would not prevail against His Holy Church. Yet, isn’t it paradoxical that it is sometimes within the members of the congregation of said church that ill-will, ill-intent and malice rear their ugly heads.


Meandering Along the River’s Edge

Creation through childlike wonder

~by Virginia Anson-Rhys

When you take a child out into the natural realm it is always a time of wonderment for the child. Oh, to tap back in to that wonderment again as an adult!


Good Book Review

Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat, by Gwen Cooper

Book Review~by Michele Gregoire

It is a love story for every cat lover, a walk in life and death and the legacy of one small blind cat.


Weekly Commentary

Important Documents For Every Pet Owner ~ Matthew Crawl

With between 150-170 million cats and dogs being owned in the US alone, it’s fair to say that as humans we love having a pet nearby. We love having a companion, a reason to go for a walk twice a day and someone by our side that doesn’t judge during the hard times. However, it is also fair to say that we aren’t the best at keeping our documents in line and this is something I have heard a lot about recently; for this reason, I have decided to give a list of important documents that all pet owners should have.


Discovering Catholic Writers

Bret Thoman, OFS

Bret Thoman, OFS, has been a member of the Secular Franciscan Order (Third Order of St. Francis) since 2003. He has an M.A. in Italian from Middlebury College, a B.A. from the University of Georgia in foreign languages, and a certificate in Franciscan Studies. Bret has written and published three books and translated twelve books from Italian to English.

While working as an interpreter for CNN, he translated the papal conclave and announced the election of Pope Francis live. But his main activity is organizing pilgrimages for St. Francis Pilgrimages, the company he founded in 2004. He is also an FAA-licensed pilot and has logged more than 3,500 hours of flight time.

Bret is partial to Latin, Gregorian chant, and incense, and he spends his free time reading classics, hiking, or biking anywhere not on asphalt. He currently lives in Loreto, Italy, with his wife and two children.

Recommended Read

Saint Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty & the Man Who Transformed the Church

~by Bret Thoman, OFS

COMING July 2016!

All Christians know his name. Few truly know the man.

Who was this man at his core? What was it that thrust this little man from a little town to the heights of sanctity, into a place of high honor among the celestial court?

In this riveting biography, author Bret Thoman accomplishes what few biographers have. He pierces the inner life of Francis, revealing his deepest passions, his unquenchable love for poverty, and his unshakable grip on the core of the Gospel. The life of Francis, so often festooned with spectacle and miracle, is in reality the story of a soul yearning for God in every moment and glimpsing His presence in all creation.

If you want to see the hidden life of the greatest saint, if you want to hear his thoughts, if you want to feel the fervor that blazed within his soul, you must read St. Francis of Assisi: Passion, Poverty, and the Man who Transformed the Catholic Church.


Quote of the Week

These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.


Discovering Our Catholic Saints

Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Geology & Archaeology

4,000-year-old art gallery found in Siberia

Vivid red and orange paintings by Bronze Age artists go on show for the first time. There are ancient images of humans, a bull, a trees and birds in 20-plus ‘perfectly preserved’ petroglyphs in a remote spot in TransBaikal region. Most intriguing in the newly revealed rock art is a figurine and nearby a human-like image is a circle, seemingly a sign of the sun.

The paintings were found many years ago by hunters, but it was only in 2013 that scientists were alerted. Local resident Evgeny Karelin took the experts to the site on Largi River, near the village of Gorbitsa, some 545 kilometres north east of regional capital Chita.


World Climate Issues

700 year old soil technique could mitigate climate change

A farming technique practiced for centuries by villagers in West Africa, which converts nutrient-poor rainforest soil into fertile farmland, could be the answer to mitigating climate change and revolutionizing farming across Africa. They discovered that the ancient West African method of adding charcoal and kitchen waste to highly weathered, nutrient poor tropical soils can transform the land into enduringly fertile, carbon-rich black soils which the researchers dub ‘African Dark Earths’.


Global Weather

Arctic reaches of North America getting greener

(Arctic Tundra)

Rapidly increasing temperatures over the past few decades in the Arctic have led to longer growing seasons and changing soils for the plants, according to the NASA news story. Overall, the research team found that 29.4 percent of the region greened up, while 2.9 percent showed vegetation decline. NASA/USGS Landsat data shows the climate impact on vegetation in the high latitudes, according to Jeffrey Masek, who was part of the research team.



Sustainable Gardening! It’s All the Rage!

Sustainability is a movement that embraces all facets of human endeavor. “Sustainable” means to perpetuate existence as well as to provide sustenance and nourishment. Today, the word is attached to everything from forestry to ceiling tile.

Sustainability is most often associated with the environment and specifically to our landscapes and gardens. What is a sustainable garden? It is an organic garden taken a step further. Following organic gardening practices will sustain soils and plants while it nourishes and sustains your family, both physically and aesthetically. Organic gardening also points us towards other gardening practices that pursue the goal of sustainability by conserving resources.


God’s Green Earth

Wild Horses

Farm News

Ecological farming – benefits health & environment

A new approach to farming is needed to safeguard human health and avoid rising air and water pollution, high greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss, a group of 20 leading agronomists, health, nutrition and social scientists has concluded. The group’s members, drawn from rich and poor countries with no affiliations to industry, say that industrial agriculture’s dependence on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics to manage animals and agro-ecosystems, has led to ecological, social and human health crises.


Steward Alerts

Now Touring America: 2 English Saints That Died For Their Faith

A relic tour currently taking place in the United States highlights the virtues of two English saints who stood up for conscience and paid the ultimate price. The “Witness to Freedom” relic tour is being held in conjunction with the U.S. bishops’ Fortnight for Freedom, which take place across the nation June 21-July 4.

The relics come from two English saints executed in the year 1535: St. Thomas More, a renowned author and philosopher who had held the position of Chancellor, and St. John Fisher, the Bishop of Rochester, refused to sign the Act of Supremacy that purported to recognize King Henry VIII as the supreme head of the Church of England.


Steward Activities

Liberating A Continent: John Paul II & The Fall Of Communism

One of history’s greatest examples of the triumph of spiritual power over violence and oppression is vividly recounted in Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism, a new documentary film that poignantly captures the intricate role played by John Paul in the collapse of communism and the liberation of Central and Eastern Europe.

Narrated by Jim Caviezel (Passion of the Christ, Person of Interest) and with original music by Joe Kraemer (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Jack Reacher) this is the incredible story of one man’s unwavering faith born of deep personal suffering, his steadfast defense of the dignity of the human person amidst the horrors of Nazi and Soviet Occupation, and his unyielding belief in the spiritual unity of Europe. Liberating a Continent convincingly reveals how these convictions toppled an evil empire and how they remain today the moral foundations for a prosperous and free Europe.


Song Before the Lord

Morning Has Broken


Finding Dory – Killing Dory

The long-awaited sequel to the hit film “Finding Nemo” was finally released on box office last week. With the animated film now focusing on the adorably forgetful blue tang fish, “Finding Dory” is set to make tropical fish popular again.

And this is where scientists and environmentalists begin to worry.

While such films increase awareness about the diversity of marine life, many people are also triggered to buy these wild fish to have as pets. Similar to what happened after the success of the “Finding Nemo” film, the release of the new Pixar movie is seen to boost the demand for species of Dory and Nemo–clownfish and blue tang–for aquariums. The problem is these fish are usually caught from open seas using cyanide, according to recent research.



The 9 Best Gardening Tips For Beginners

Gardening is a great hobby to take up; it gets you outside, burning calories, and produces rewarding results. Whether you’re looking to grow some delicious produce or beautiful flowers, these 9 tips and tricks for beginners will get you started off on the right foot!


Wellness & Nutrition

Protect Your Heart In The Heat

Whatever brings you outside — a bike ride with friends, a jog in the park or just a stroll around the block — it’s important to stay safe when the temperature rises. If you’re a heart patient, older than 50 or overweight, you might need to take special precautions in the heat.

Check with your healthcare professional before starting an exercise routine if you are experiencing symptoms or have a specific medical question or chronic disease. Certain heart medications like beta blockers, ace receptor blockers, ace inhibitors, calcium channel blockers and diuretics (which deplete the body of sodium) can exaggerate the body’s response to heat.



Astronaut Tim Peake back from the International Space Station

Using a normal toilet and appreciating weather — “any weather whatsoever” — are some of the small pleasures astronaut Tim Peake has enjoyed most since returning from the International Space Station (ISS), he said Tuesday. The Briton has had to leave behind unparallelled views and the sensation of floating weightlessly in space. And he faces a long, hard road of physical readjustment to gravity’s pull, rebuilding lost muscle.


Sure to make you Smile


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