Praying for Sonic’s return

From Catherine:

Praying for the safe return of my cat Sonic. He was lost very far from home while we were traveling. It has been four weeks and I need prayers for myself as well that I do not lose hope. I’m praying he will either be taken to a shelter soon or someone will be able to catch him and call me.

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One Response to “Praying for Sonic’s return”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, Sonic is present to You, and we beg Your mercy to assist this dear cat to be reunited with his owner. You love all of Your creatures and they respond to Your voice. Please Lord, bring Sonic home to Catherine, as all things lie in Your providential care. You are our Savior and our brother, we call Your name. Amen.

    Dear Catherine,

    My heart aches for the pain you have been going through. My cat Brownie
    who looks alot like your Sonic went missing. After eleven days, I thought
    to myself he was gone forever. Brownie was very devoted and would not have
    been gone that long, ever. It was 11:30 at night and my daughter came
    rushing into my room saying, “Mom, Brownie’s home,he’s home.” I raced down
    to see him and he was exhausted, and fell into my arms.I believe he must
    have gotten into someone’s vehicle and was taken far away. He had traveled
    a long time to get back to me. Hope is everything and God gives us that to
    trust in His providence. All things are accorded to His Will.

    Be sure that you contact shelters in the area with your contact info and
    picture of Sonic. Know that in this world, the Lord never loses site of
    ANY of His creatures…human and non-human, He loves them all. We ask the
    intercessions of St. Anthony, St. Jude, St. Francis and St. Christopher.
    We ask the protection of St. Michael. May they all assist Sonic and you in
    Jesus’ Name! Amen.

    You will be in our hearts,


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