Rest in the peace of your Creator Yolanda

From Mary:

Dear Susi and prayer warriors, I’m brokenhearted to tell you that Yolanda crossed the Rainbow Bridge last evening after a valiant year-long battle against osteosarcoma. After her last chemo session on May 31st, her appetite waned considerably, so I took her to Mass. Veterinary on Sunday evening and had her admitted. Initially, the docs thought that hydrating her would jumpstart her appetite, but overnight it did not. In the early morning hours, the overnight doc took x-rays and discovered a large mass in her abdomen. Her oncologist confirmed the findings a couple of hours later. Because the cancer was spreading aggressively, he felt that there was not much more that could be done. Despite her not wanting to eat, Yolanda was still her usual sweet, bright-eyed, cuddly, engaging self. If you didn’t know how sick she was, you would not know she was sick. Surprisingly, the onco said that the tumors didn’t seem to be causing her any pain, for which I’m very grateful. The most humane, loving thing to do was to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge while she was still feeling okay, as the onco felt that she would decline rapidly over the next few days. Her passing was so calm and peaceful as she lay against my leg while being loved on by me, her Auntie Denise, and her oncologist. I was later told how the Mass. Veterinary staff felt so sad as they had come to know and love Yolanda from her frequent appointments at the hospital during the past year. They all seemed to echo the same thing: “she is such a love!” Many sincere thanks for your prayers for Yolanda, and for her daughter Aurora who passed away on Feb. 15. God bless you all for the good that you do.

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One Response to “Rest in the peace of your Creator Yolanda”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    God Our Creator, You have called Yolanda to return to You as her work is now done. We gratefully thank You for her presence in this world to Mary. Please surround Mary with Your peace and love. And may the reunion that is to come at the appointed time be a comfort to her in this life. Shalom. Amen.

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