Prayers for Buddy the Cat

From Helen:

My 7 year old male cat is named Buddy. We live in New Zealand. I would like to send you a prayer request for him: I pray that we will not ever be separated. That he will stay close to me and form a strong unbreakable bond. That he is always protected from harm from other animals(cats and dogs) or cars and human situations that may be dangerous. I also pray he knows instinctively the best place to go when in danger that will keep him safe. I also pray he has a long cat life and has very good physical health with no major suffering. I finally pray for healing for little Buddy from any human abuse he has experienced before I found him and that his intermittent nightmares disappear. Thankyou Lord Jesus and Our Lady Queen of Peace. Amen

P.S. Buddy is the best cat on the planet. He is tabby and white( half and half) with a gorgeous dot on his nose. Everyone likes him including the vets. He came to me in a very poor condition and had been knocked around. He does not like mens boots or gumboots and male voices that are loud or threatening. He was born the year of our first earthquake her in NZ and has endured a lot of trauma in his little life. I put Holy water on him now and then. I love him so much as he is a fantastic and loveable little friend in all circumstances. I feel the responsibility to see him through to the end because of his traumatic past and inability to trust many people. He could not be way from me and go to another home as it would be too much for him. Please pray for me too. I am very connected to him and will not get another cat after little Buddy. He is an ordinary yet extraordinary creature. Thank you for your prayer. Helen and Bud:)

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One Response to “Prayers for Buddy the Cat”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask Your loving arms about this dear cat, protect him from harm, keep him healthy and quick and bless Helen for her kindness and care of this beloved pet. May your Holy Angels bring them peace and long life together! Glory to God in the highest who loves all that He has created. Amen.

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