Prayers for Mazzy’s eternal rest

From Kerry:

I am asking to pleasesay a prayer for my 18 year old dachshund Mazzy who is dying of kidney failure.I think she might die tonight and even though that breaks my heart I can’t watch her suffer anymore and she does not deserve to suffer since she was aloyal selfless dog who saved my life. I am a survivor of the 9-11 terror attacks who lived alone with her in downtown Manhattan back then. After I ran for my life from the falling towers to her in my LES apartment she was there hiding under a pillow shaking since she heard and felt the whole thing.However, she came out to lick my tears and gave me a reason to get up every morning in the days after when I had survivors guilt and PTSD which I still suffer from today. She became my unofficial ESA/therapy dog before I knew I could actually have her certified which I am getting my new dachshund certified. Anyway she is probably one of the last pets who lived downtown to survive since many pets who breathed in that air died of cancer. I am so grateful I had her long, but saying goodbye is the hardest thing in the worldbecause she is my world. Please pray that I will see her in heaven someday because she sure earned a spot. I love her so much and will be lost without her. Thank you, Kerri

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One Response to “Prayers for Mazzy’s eternal rest”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we pray for Mazzy’s joyful reception into Your kingdom. She was Yours first, and she has served You beautifully as Your gift to Kerri. Her work now at an end, her reward awaits. You promised us that You make all things new! We love You Lord and we thank You for Mazzy’s presence in this world. May Your angels minister to Kerri as she moves forward in faith. Praise to You Jesus, especially as we move through this holiest of weeks. Amen.

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