Continued Prayers for Yolando & Aurora

From Mary:

Hello, Susi. I’m coming to you and the prayer warriors again for continued prayers for Yolanda and Aurora. As you know, Yolanda’s cancer came back in her hip and possibly her lung. As for Aurora, she had her follow-up appointment in mid-January for oral melanoma and a heart murmur. Sadly, the oral melanoma is coming back in her muzzle and it would be very difficult to operate in that area, and it also metastasized to a lymph node under her chin, which was able to be surgically removed. Her heart murmur is stable, so I’m grateful for that. Tomorrow, both Yolanda and Aurora will see the oncologist: Yolanda for her one-month follow-up, and Aurora to have the stitches removed from under her chin and to determine which chemo to start her on. I’m worried sick for my two sweet kitties, and desperately ask for all the prayers they can get. Thank you for all you do, and I pray that Our Good Lord hears and answers our prayers favorably for all the pets needing divine intervention and intercession.

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One Response to “Continued Prayers for Yolando & Aurora”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we continue to pray for Mary’s beloved Yolanda and Aurora. Lord we know You hear our prayers and we so grateful. All things work according to Your will and Your time. We approach You for Your mercy and healing grace upon these two beautiful cats. We ask the intercessions of St. Damian and St. Cosmas to aid the veterinarians in their care. Lord, You are our God and our Strength. Amen.

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