Prayers for Clarence

From Barbara:

Hi Susi, I am from Melbourne, Australia. I have been feeding a little feral cat now for over a year who came to my door for food. I call him Clarence and he is my little friend and I can pat him now. But tonight he has arrived with a swollen front leg and cannot put any pressure on it. I am not sure if it is broken or infected. I am not brave enough to try and pick him up in case he bites me as he has probably never been picked up before. I put a carry cage out there but I don’t think he will go in there even with food but will try tomorrow night. If I do catch him to take to vet I know it will be a death sentence for him as he will be too wild I imagine. He does seem to be a kind little cat but too scared. I am so upset. It’s a no win scenario. I am praying for God’s healing power over his leg. Please join me in prayer for healing for him. Thank you Barbara

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One Response to “Prayers for Clarence”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, please come to the aid of Barbara as she works to care for this Your little creature. May Your Angels assist her and may Your guiding hand be upon all she does. Lord, You love all Your creation and we give You thanks! Amen.

    Hello Barbara, please forgive me for the late response, it was beyond my

    I am so glad this sweet little cat found you…it was not by
    coincidence…it never is. God has brought many a feral cat to my door.

    Here in the states, I have trapped my feral cats with a cage with either
    sardines or fresh roasted turkey, it depends on what their palettes like.
    :) I brace the cage in such a way that the door has a small rope attached
    to it and when the cat enters the cage, I pull the door shut and hold the
    rope tight as I inch up to lock it.

    My doctors have anesthetized these ferals to examine them and give them
    the medical attention they need. They wake up and are none the wiser and
    are back in the cage

    I would think that your vets could do the same. Please check into this.

    I and our prayer warriors will be praying for him and for the Angels to
    guide you as you love and care for this our little lesser brethren.

    May Jesus bless you immensely for your stewardship of His little creature.

    Peace dear sister,


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