Praying for Choppers Return

From Carolyn:

Hello, I am requesting that you would pray for us, our little dog Chopper got off his leash December 1st. It is now freezing cold in northern Mn..we have looked and called and posted flyers everywhere I can think of. I am praying for a miracle that God will return our little dog safely..I have been praying every day and praying for a miracle..I don’t know if he is lost in the woods, or maybe someone picked him up on the highway.. I truly am having a hard time functioning every day..I am so worried about him, the cold, predators there are so many things…I do have moments where I feel at peace but then I break down. Please pray for him to return to us safely… Thank you

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One Response to “Praying for Choppers Return”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, Chopper is known to You right now. Lord, may he be in kind hands and may You grant to this dear family a Christmas miracle of reunion with their beloved pet. You Lord love all that You have created and we trust in Your love always. Please hear all of the prayers going up for this little dog and grant us Your holy will. Amen.

    Carolyn, I recommend LOST DOGS MINNESOTA as a wonderful place to visit during this time.

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