Continued prayers for Midnight

From Gina:

Please prayer for Midnight that he will survive brain surgery and the following recovery weeks. Also, please prayer that the entire tumor can be removed and that it will not be a high grade one. He is a 14 year old rescue cat. Thank you very much.

Hello, just as an update about Midnight. He made it through brain surgery today although it was touch-and-go at times and his red blood cell count is low. The next two nights, the vet says, will be critical, so any prayers that you can offer would be tremendously appreciated. Please let me know if I can ever pray for your pet(s). Again, thank you.

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One Response to “Continued prayers for Midnight”

  1. admin says:

    Dearest Jesus, we are so grateful to you for bringing Midnight through his surgery. Midnight rests in Your hands now. Please Lord, we ask for a miracle healing if it is Your will. Restore this beautiful cat to his good health and bless Gina as she cares for him. All here on earth belongs to You our good and loving God. We trust in You here so that we and all that we hold dear may join You in there Hereafter. Thank you dearest Lord. Amen.

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