Prayers of thanksgiving for Yolanda, continued prayers for Aurora

Dear Susi and Prayer Warriors, Thank you for praying for my cat, Yolanda, who had her leg amputated due to osteosarcoma, and who is doing very well adjusting to her new “normal.” You also prayed for her daughter, Aurora, whose most recent echocardiogram showed no change, which pleased the cardiologist. I’m coming to you again on behalf of Aurora because she was just diagnosed today with oral melanoma. Surgery is not recommended, but her oncologist is suggesting radiation and a new vaccine which has been successful in treating canine melanoma. He gave me a referral to Boston’s premier animal hospital which has all the specialists and specialties, and I’m taking Aurora for a consult on Tuesday, Aug. 9. Right now, things look dire, but I’m praying that the specialists have options that my oncologist may not be aware of. This is so soon after having lost Yolanda’s son Trooper (for whom you’ve prayed) and Yolanda’s amputation. Please ask Our Good Lord to have mercy on my sweet kitties (and on me) and to deliver them from these horrible cancers. Many thanks for all you do. Mary

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One Response to “Prayers of thanksgiving for Yolanda, continued prayers for Aurora”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we rejoice in answered prayers, as Your will is done according to Your Word. We ask for Your continued mercy and healing upon Aurora and Your blessings of peace upon this family, especially Mary. All glory is Yours forever. Amen.

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