Rest with Jesus, Ben

From Thomas:

I had a beautiful German Shepherd for the past ten years, named Ben. I called him after the last pope. (German Shepherd/Ben(edict). For the last five years he had epilepsy. I left him at a kennels last Monday but when I got back on Wednesday I realised that he had been fitting during the night. On Thursday I feared that brain damage had happened. I succeeded in getting him to sleep on Thursday night with medication but as he was coming out of the handover yesterday, I realised that the brain damage was permanent and severe. I knew I would have to bring him to the vet today to get him, more than lightly, put down. However when I got up this morning to look for him, I realised that I had left a yard gate open. Unfortunately there is a river beside my house and there are very few other places he could have gone. I would have prefered now to have brought him to the vet and at least I would have had a body to bury. Good bye good friend. God’s will be done. Tom.

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One Response to “Rest with Jesus, Ben”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask Your comforting hand upon Tom. We know that Ben is with You, eternally to reside in Your perfect love in Your kingdom. May You bless Tom in his stewardship of his beloved Ben and may Your Angels minister to him. Grateful are we for a God who loses nothing that is “good” that He has given to us as a gift. Glorious is the reunion to come with all that we hold dear! Amen.

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