Prayers for Luna

From Maureen:

Please pray for Luna our little 15 yr old cat. She has been losing weight and frequently vomiting, but all her vet visits did not show anything in the past. After an ultrasound this week, her vet found a very large mass by her stomach and liver, last week it was not there on exam. Vet fears it is very aggressive cancer and gives her about 2-4 weeks left on earth. Thank you and God Bless!

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One Response to “Prayers for Luna”

  1. admin says:

    Dear Jesus, we ask for Your comforting and merciful hand upon Luna. We ask for a miracle, but we also ask for Your will be done, as You have set a time for each creature to be upon this Earth. Please be with Maureen as she makes this journey with Luna and guide her as they approach the appointed time. May Your Angels surround them. Please hear us dear Lord. Amen.

    PS: Maureen, I just lost my beloved Grayson to a very similar diagnosis. My heart is with you, but know that your beloved Luna rests in Jesus’ hands right now. He will be there through every moment. He will never let her go. Just as He is with us and we fail to see him, our pets DO see Him and have no fear. Be at peace dear sister. Susi +

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