Prayers for Payton and Remington

From Maria:

I prayerfully ask in your assistance for healing for my Labrador dog Payton and Remington. Payton will be having surgery to remove cyst under left arm and underbelly so it will not hinder his walking ability. Pray that his bloodwork pre op prior to his surgery and physical work up on June 11 Saturday will be go well. Payton is scheduled for surgery on June 16 Thursday. Please pray for the vet D.r Cody who will be performing the safe surgery in hopes that God assist the vet surgery to perform the surgery safe and remove all cysts Can you also pray for my yellow Labrador Remington so he can be healed from his arthritic pain, uncomfortable soreness for his acl on his right leg, and prayer for removal of any pain from his body. I don’t know if his breathes harder or heavily sighs are related to some uncomfortable pain that it’s hurting, so I hope God send me some type of discernment to judge my pets pain levels. Please keep both Payton and Remington in your daily prayers. They are my best buddies who have been through so much with me. All prayers are much appreciative and very needed. Thank you all and God Bless all of you. Sincerely, Maria

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One Response to “Prayers for Payton and Remington”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dear Jesus, we unite our prayers with Maria for her beloved pets. We ask the intercessions especially of St. Cosmas and St. Damian to aid the veterinarians in the procedures, and also of St. Francis and St. Anthony for their peaceful hands upon Payton and Remington as they go through these surgeries. Lord, place Your healing hand upon these two pups and bring them good health. Jesus, You are the Master Healer of all Your creatures. Amen.

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