Praying for Scooter

From Marianne:

Please pray for Scooter a beloved 6 year old cat that was a rescue. Scooter is a funny loving gentle black and white loveable boy. Scooter has been diagnosed with cancerous stomach tumors. As of now he still is enjoying his loving home and being with his sister Merley.Please pray that Our Lord will heal Scooter and give him many more years of a healthy life with his loving adopted family. It will be so heartbreaking to have to say goodbye to this loveable gift God has lent us with.I pray dear Lord heal Scooter,I trust in you. Thankyou for your prayers for Scooter. Also I did buy and read your book Susi thankyou very comforting. God bless you and your ministry.

I see that many people will be praying for Scooter, all of you prayer warriors thankyou so kindly.It means so much to know you care for these precious innocent lives.God bless you for your ministry and the comfort you give to us who love the animals God created for us and the unconditional love they give us.God Bless you and your ministry. Marianne,


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One Response to “Praying for Scooter”

  1. Susi Pittman says:

    Dearest Jesus, we all unite our prayers with Marianne for Scooter’s healing. You know every inch of his very being, You are his creator. If it is Your will Lord, please grant him a little more time with his loving family. We pray Your special blessings upon Marianne Your good steward and a kind friend to us all. All that You love Lord comes to you, now and forever. Amen.

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